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New Video Class: The Art of the Annual Assessment

Most people learn BaZi in the hopes of saving a few bucks on a professional Annual Assessment. Some people learn BaZi in order to be able to engage in an Annual Assessment of the people around them – a strategic competitive advantage as it were. However, most students of BaZi are left to their own devices when it comes to figuring out how to perform an Annual Assessment.

In truth, it takes time to figure out your own ‘style’ when it comes to doing an Annual Assessment. Each practitioner has their own views on what matters, or choses to present specific information only. For example, if someone charges less money for an Annual Assessment, it might just be a overview of the year, but one that doesn’t take into account the 10 year Luck Pillars. Sometimes, an Annual Assessment seems valuable, giving a person the breakdown for the year based on each of the 12 months. But really – how many people actually get USE out of this information?

For the intermediate student looking to get some insight into their own chart or the charts of family members or professional associates, the lack of a format can be daunting. And even if you have a format (“Wealth, Health, Relationship, Career” is the mantra), how do you know if someone is going to have a good year or a bad year when it’s a mixed bag? What do you do about all those clashes? And what if the 10 year Luck Pillar is good but the Annual is bad?

It was with these knowledge gap that I came up with my Art of the Annual Assessment video class. This class represents the culmination of many learnings, tricks of the trade, professional insight and knowledge that I have acquired over the last 8 years of conducting BaZi consults for clients all over the world. I believe this class will bridge the chasm of information for BaZi enthusiasts, professional and otherwise out there on the simple but devilishly hard task of conducting an effective Annual Assessment.

I will be offering an Early Bird Promotion price of USD270 for this video class for the month of November 2017 only and limited to the first 20 buyers.  The post Early Bird Promotion price will be USD320.

For Malaysian students, please contact me via email for the local price, which involves fulfilment by Pos Laju or Local Courier.