On Reading the DM using 60 Jia Zi Technique Jul26


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On Reading the DM using 60 Jia Zi Technique

Usually I answer the Comments on my blog via the blog platform but this was an interesting question so I thought I would answer it more fully.
QUESTION: What do you think about people with DM Jia Chen? I heard they are sneaky and have bad money management. But the people I met don’t usually have this problem. Well, they are sneaky but definitely have good money management. What do you think about this?
So I get this kind of question a lot. The question that wants a specific answer although doesn’t actually quite ask for it. For example, is the asker asking if I agree or disagree with the assessment that Jia Chen is “sneaky” and has “bad money management”? Is that the question? Or is the question asking if I agree or disagree “they are sneaking but have good money management”? Or do I have a polar opposite view? Or some other view?
Important rule when asking questions: BE SPECIFIC.

So here are my thoughts.
Firstly, I am always curious to know why it is that people seem to be somehow concerned when someone’s chart indicates they are “sneaky”. “Sneaky” is an attribute, just like “nice” and “boring” and “clever” and “lazy”. There should be no judgment attached to it. Also, “Sneaky” can also mean “street smart”, “not gullible” (if you are a person trying to get them to do something for you, and they are trying to get you to do the same), “wily”, “sharp”, “cunning”, “slick”.
Really, I’m not too interested if someone is “sneaky” => the more important question is – why does this matter to the person asking the question? Because the answer will differ depending on whether you are asking because the (hypothetical) Jia Chen is your friend, your prospective business partner, your collaborator, your boss, your colleague, your staff…your new brother/sister in law, your mother in law…

Context matters. Why you want to know matters as much as WHAT you want to know.

Sneaky incidentally can be defined in a number of ways in BaZi – could be the 7K star or could be the Indirect Resource Star. And it also depends further on what element represents the 7K or IR. In this instance, the “sneaky” that is being read into the Jia Chen DM may be the assumption that the presence of any Yi Wood in a chart automatically makes a person “sneaky”.
Secondly, I want to comment on  the shortcut technique of reading using the Jia Zi, specifically the DM Jia Zi, referenced in the question. I used to teach a class called the 60 Jia Zi in which I explained the technique for understanding the 60 Jia Zi but also, the correct approach for using the 60 Jia Zi, both within the context of the DM and as pillars in the chart and the 10 year Luck Pillar.
The problem with the 60 Jia Zi “shortcut” method is that it has to be wielded correctly, with a good understanding of the 10 Gods and a sense of discretion. When it becomes the first thing one learns on reading character and personality, there is a tendency to make assumptions of a very broad and sweeping nature. The question above asks if it is correct that all Jia Chen DM’s are “sneaky” and “have bad money management”.
It is not possible to declare the statement to be right or wrong because it is POSSIBLE, depending on the other qualifiers that appear in the chart, specifically in the MONTH. This is because the MONTH will help to define the other elements in the chart and determine the actual character of the person, when read in combination with the DAY. But it is also NOT POSSIBLE to have the “sneaky” and “bad money management” outcome if the MONTH creates a different outcome.
No BaZi consultant worth their salt would be so indiscriminating as to provide a blanket answer to such a question.
So for Jia Chen DM to be “sneaky” and have “bad money management” will need to be a Jia Chen born in Monkey month (creating a situation where there is weak Indirect Wealth, and strong Rob Wealth, coupled with a Indirect Resource Star in growth to produce the aforementioned “sneakiness”) or Rabbit month (because Rob Wealth can be “sneaky”, and born in Rob Wealth month will automatically equate with bad money management). On the other hand, if the month is such that the Rob Wealth, or Indirect Wealth star is weakened or less prominent, then this may not happen.
Above all the statement of “sneaky” fails to truly appreciate the fundamental quality of Jia Wood Day Masters. They are quite simply, ROTTEN AND LOUSY at being sneaky. Most Yang Stems don’t do it too well, or at least, lack the guile to do so. And Jia Wood itself is celebrated for its forthright and bluntly honest nature and quality.
Back to point: in order to accurately wield the 60 Jia Zi to read DM shortcut method, one must first be very proficient at understanding the fundamental BaZi basics. The inherent quality of the 10 Day Masters, the 10 Gods in depth, and how the different parts of the BaZi chart work to define and redefine the elements. Reading character from a DM alone requires proficiency in discriminating between what information is FIRM from the Day Earthly Branch alone, and what information requires QUALIFYING when perceived from the Day Earthly Branch alone.