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Appeasing the Rob Wealth Gods…

I had an entertaining discussion today with a friend about appeasing the Rob Wealth Gods – I thought I would reproduce it to give people a sense of how we deal with the Rob Wealth Star (many people always ask) and for those with some imagination, you can see how the concept of ‘fulfilment of a negative circumstance’ is used in BaZi.


Here was the WhatsApp conversation, reproduced:

Me: Giant expense expected this month. Must try to head off the universe.

Friend: But the universe always wins one way or another…

Me: Yes, hence you must pacify with a sacrifice. But stagger it.

Friend: ??

Me: Start with a baby goat…not appeased?Offer male chicken…no work? Try cow. No work? Resort to virgin sacrifice.

Me: Do not skip to virgin sacrifice immediately. If you do virgin sacrifice first, then go to chicken, the Gods will be angry.

Friend: So what is a chicken sacrifice?

Me: Chicken sacrifice is like buying dinner – 200 bucks that kind of thing. Baby Goat is like 500-1k…Cow sacrifice maybe about 2000…iphone…Virgin sacrifice…oh, that’s a car.

Friend: Full HD 55 inch tv is RM3700 – is that a cow sacrifice?

Me: I have to space them out. I still got sick in April despite many chickens and two cows.

In the context of the Rob Wealth Star, if one is facing a Rob Wealth month, the idea is to appease the Rob Wealth Star continually through the spending of money but staggering out that expense through a variety of means. Some small purchases/payments (outstanding bills, credit card bill), some large purchases/payments (mortgage reduction/management fees outstanding/credit card balance). If you want to be really exacting, time those purchases/payments to a Rob Wealth Day itself. Instead of waiting for the Gods of Rob Wealth to exact one large payment (in above context – flattening the village), one continually appeases it through a variety of small and large activities of a Rob Wealth nature (which typically mean – forgoing cash or paying out money).  For individuals with strong wealth in their chart, this is signed to also head off problems associated with ‘Too Much Wealth, Deteriorates the Health’.

Does this work for every star? Well, most of the other stars don’t work the same way as the Rob Wealth Star. One can’t for example, pacify the 7 Killings Star by going out and making a few enemies. You don’t necessarily appease every star because not every Star causes problems. A problematic Hurting Officer Star is not appeased – it is simply silenced (or restrained at best). And generally, most people can get by occasionally being offensive, or dozy, or opinionated, but most people don’t like losing money. And that’s what the Rob Wealth Star’s primary impact is: loss of wealth.

Thus, when dealing with the Rob Wealth Star, think like the ancient Romans/Mayans/Incans:

a) always appease the Gods because if you don’t, they will flatten your village.

b) never start with the virgin sacrifice but build up to it – many chickens, a few cows, one virgin.

c) don’t try to avoid the virgin sacrifice at the get go. The month is long. Best to appease the Gods frequently.

d) plan your cows, chickens, sheep, goats and one Virgin well and your Rob Wealth month will work for you, not the other way around.