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The Art of the Annual Assessment


The Art of the Annual Assessment used to be a class I taught back in the days when I used to teach at the Mastery Academy. It’s still pretty valid in terms of a lot of the ideas and provides some terms of reference to clients in terms of what consultants typically are doing or looking at when they are doing an annual assessment. And for those of you who are looking to use your BaZi knowledge to do your own annual assessment, some food for thought. I’m giving away the slides because I don’t teach this class any more, having moved on to more fun topics although I still give this to students who have take my Practical BaZi Magic class.

Many people often wonder if there is a benefit to doing an annual assessment. Actually, for the salaried employees of the world, an annual assessment is not necessary unless you are very senior in the company ie: Executive Level. In other words, unless you have more than 5 minions under you, an Annual Assessment is not necessary. In most cases, a BaZi consultation once every 5 years or once per Luck PIllar will suffice. However, for the self-employed or entrepreneurs or those in very high level management jobs, an annual assessment will be useful by way of assisting in strategic planning and management of goals and objectives in a given year, as well as risk management.



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