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The Enemy of the Tiger…

…is the Monkey.

I’m writing just a very short post on this topic because the year is practically over and so it would seem writing this at this point is not terribly useful to anyone really. But since someone commented that I was supposed to have wrote about who would be most affected in 2010 (and I forgot), I’m attempting to cover my bases.

Typically in a given year, BaZi consultants will always see a certain trend permeating in terms of the types of charts turn up in consultation rooms. This trend is dictated by the Annual Pillar, which in 2010, is Geng Yin 庚 寅.

The most obvious candidates for problems in 2010 are

  • Anyone born in the year of the monkey OR month of August or sits on Monkey (Shen) in their chart (cf: Kevin Rudd)
  • Jia Wood Day Master will also to a large degree be affected by the year because Geng appears on the Stem and Jia is most immediately affected by Geng’s appearance since Jia x Geng is a Stem Clash.
  • Those whose Day Pillar is Geng Yin of course, will also feel the effects of the year significantly since it will be a Fu Yin.
  • Those whose Day Pillar is Jia Shen will also feel the effects of the year significantly since they are affected by a Fan Yin, which is usually MORE disruptive than a Fu Yin.

The most obvious problem faced by any of these individuals is INCREASED RISK OF CAR ACCIDENTS.

This is because Jia x Shen is known as a Horse Carriage Disaster Clash. Injuries involving the lower limbs (sprained ankles, bad hips, foot injuries) are extremely likely, although the Jia Day Masters have to be careful of being hit in the head since Jia = Head.

Charts which contain Hai (Pig) may also see some effects this year as well because Pig + Tiger = Combination Destruction. So lots of stops and starts and frustrated moments this year potentially.

Change that is brought about as a result of the Tiger x Monkey is almost always sudden, unexpected and decisively awful. This is because it invariably involves two very rock solid elements – Jia and Geng going up against each other. Clash of the Titans totally.