The Art of the Annual Assessment Video Class

The Annual Assessment is one of the most popular forms of consultation when it comes to Astrology. For most people, this typically will involve the supremely inaccurate reading of their Annual Branch or in layperson’s parlance: “Chinese Animal Sign”.

For BaZi students and practitioners, the Annual Assessment means more than that. Yet, the Annual Assessment remains one of the most difficult readings in which to undertake successfully and effectively simply because it demands both a macro and micro appreciation of the BaZi chart. A consultant must be able to not just interpret the Annual Pillar against the client’s Bazi chart, but extrapolate outcomes and pitfalls, whilst providing risk management advice. At the same time, the Annual Pillar must be juxtaposed against the 10 year Luck Pillar, just as the individual 12 month Pillars must be read against the Annual Pillar and 10 year Luck Pillar in order to forecast the optimal points in time for the client to follow up on specific opportunities.

Recorded in 2016, this class represents the collective knowledge of the BaZiQueen’s 8 years of consulting for clients around the world, and countless Annual Assessment performed. This class is now available in video form for international students who would like to learn how to utilise their basic knowledge of BaZi to perform an Annual Assessment and for BaZi consultants who would like to add further depth to their Annual Assessments.