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Peach Blossom in 2009 – NA-DA.

Just a quickie today as I’m up to eyeballs in BaZi reports to write – the little encounter with the 5-2 has been disasterous for working schedule (and made me too sick to teach BaZi).

Lots of searches for Peach Blossom in 2009 or Peach Blossom in the year of the Ox sending people here.

For the forecast of 2009 from a romantic relationship perspective – click here

But for specifically to answer the question of ‘Peach Blossom 2009′ – the answer is THERE IS NONE.

Assuming that one is referring to the actual Peach Blossom Star.The term Peach Blossom tends to carry the general meaning of ‘attraction’ or ‘relationship’. But when we say Peach Blossom in an astrological or BaZi context, we are actually referring to the presence of the Peach Blossom Star.

In a given year, certain people will have better luck with matters of the heart than others. But this is NOT because of Peach Blossom. The presence of a Peach Blossom Star in the year is a factor, but it is not the deciding factor when it comes to determining if a person will have opportunities with matters of the heart in a given year.

2009 is NOT a Peach Blossom Year because the Ox (Chou) 丑 is NOT a Peach Blossom Star. So there is no Peach Blossom Star in 2009. There are of course Peach Blossom Stars within the 12 months of the year. But within the year of 2009, there is no Peach Blossom Star. And in general, the year tends to take precedence over the months.

This does not mean that there will be no opportunity for relationships but that depends largely on your own BaZi – if for example, you are a female and the Ox represents your Officer or Seven Killings Star, then you will find that eventhough there is no Peach Blossom in the year, guess what? Men keep flocking to you!

And as I said before, Peach Blossom is not the be all and end all of relationships! See below.

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When Peach Blossom SUCKS

Edit: Due to the preponderance of comments and questions on this apparently popular topic, I would ask readers please also read this post ‘The Dirty on Peach Blossom‘ – it should answer all the typical questions posted.

I came across this chart on the fivearts BaZi forum discussing Peach Blossom Stars. Clearly, this is a subject that endlessly fascinates people. But I suppose it’s understandable – who doesn’t want to be liked, loved or the object of affection right? But if you ask me, people put far too much credence on Peach Blossom. (and it is not a case of sour peaches on my part – just because I have none – I appreciate it’s value, but I still think it’s more trouble than it’s worth)

And this example is a great way to show people why.

Now when it comes to Peach Blossom, the rule is this: one is okay, two is a lil’ much, three is too many and four is just plain trouble with a capital T.

The chart below, notice all four of the pillars are Peach Blossom Stars. So by my BaZi nursery rhyme above, trouble clearly. But what kind of trouble?

Because the Peach Blossom Stars invariably involve either a Clash, Uncivilised Punishment or a Destruction or a Clash, having more than one is a bad idea because it simply statistically increases the likelihood of one of these problems within the chart. Clash, Destruction and Punishment are all Branch relationships which naturally, we do not like. If you have one Peach Blossom, then of course, every 4 Luck Pillars you will have an issue, but as it is a Luck Pillar problem, it has a less inflammatory outcome. Think of it as the difference between having an in-built problem that is exacerbated every four years, and four months (when the Peach Blossom years and months roll around), and having an occasional problem every four years and four months. It’s like a roof that always leaks, which falls in during a storm, vs the occasional leak during a heavy storm.

This is in addition to creating obvious emotional instability within the person and romantic headaches of the super-migraine kind for the people who they are involved with. Since the person with a preponderance of Peach Blossom obviously will have romance and relationship ISSUES, but so will those whom they become involved with by necessity will also be implicated or involved in these issues.

Other unpleasant problems that arise from Peach Blossoms can include sex-related problems, such as STDs, or pregnancy out of wedlock (this is both a MALE and FEMALE problem ya!) or if you are on the less severe end of the scale, attention from men/women you don’t like or worse, despise, and of coures, the usual stalker issues. Obviously, many Hollywood stars have stalkers – their very job requires Peach Blossom and most of them will have more than one. Tada – stalker problem.

This lady’s chart has the following problems:

The obvious prominent concern is the distant, but present clash between Mao and You (Rabbit and Rooster). This is a clash that is associated with betrayal (notably, involving the Spouse Pillar) but also problems with childbirth. The Spouse Palace itself has a Punishment vis-a-vis Mao and Zi and this also involves the Spouse Pillar. Double trouble. There is also another Punishment between Zi and You, which involves the Spouse Palace, and suggests problems caused by alcohol, or alcohol-fueled sexual or romantic relationship problems. All in all, it is not a good harbinger for her personal relationships.

It doesn’t help that there is also a Destruction going on between her current Luck Pillar and two of her luck Pillars and a Clash. In particular, this is an unpleasant clash – Horse and Rat indicates a state of mental dissatisfaction, a state of being unsettled, and a general unstable or emotional state of mind.

To top it all off, we have a missing element in this chart, which is the element of Fire.

Where to start on the relationship issues? Indeed, this is a challenging chart to manage as a client because every four years (four months, four days) they have some kind of personal crisis. And it is likely that this emotional crisis relates to everything in the person’s life that touches relationships.

Family relationship is obviously poor, the Sibling Star, the Mother Star and the Father Star are all negatively affected in this chart. In addition the person is emotionally unbalanced, and easily upset, with the feeling that there is no family to fall back on.

Romantic relationships are technically doomed, unless the person is able to find a very tolerant and sincere person to marry. Unfortunately, both her Officer Stars do not suggest a favourable marriage opportunity, since they involved individuals who are either very opinionated and strong-willed, or worse, a playboy/player type.

A serious minus point is the Missing Element. The element of Fire governs passion in a person’s life. So this person, aside from having serious emotional issues has no passion in her life. She is unenthusiastic about MOST THINGS in her life.

A person with no Fire in their life is the kind of person who has a favourite football team, but seeing them watch a football match, you wouldn’t imagine they cared. They are people who appear ambivalent, benign, and sometimes quite boring really. Passion is something which people automatically gravitate towards and hence, people with no passion in their life, come across as either cold fish, automatons or just uninteresting or attract like-minded types. Fire has transformational power – it is what can influence change, within a person, and in other people. So people with no fire are unable to change themselves, or influence change in others. Now, why would anyone want to hang out with people who have no interest in improving themselves, or who do not seem to stand or feel strongly about anything? Might as well have a conversation with your pet cat.

Most significantly, Fire means happiness in life. And without fire, there is no happiness in the person’s life.

Although the chart is currently going through Fire luck, this Fire Luck is not favourable to her chart because of the interactions with her BaZi’s pillars (see what I mean about how having too much Peach Blossom is negative?). So it is possible that this person will find herself in emotional or relationship woes, because in her false belief that the relationships is the key to her happiness, she embarks on them. Only to be disappointed in the end.

Compounding this problem is this person believes that money is the answer to all her woes in life. She believes money can buy happiness (and it wouldn’t be wrong in her case). And so a man or relationship, with money as the glue that holds it together, is what she will see as the answer to her problems. Whilst definitely her opportunity to find a rich husband is there, she will not find lasting happiness in such a relationship, obviously because the Officer Stars in this chart, do not have a positive relationship with her Spouse Palace.

So the moral of the story: one is okay, two is a lil’ much, three is too many and four is just plain trouble with a capital T.

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Postscript: An number of posts on the forum where this chart appeared has suggested that this woman would be a ‘slut’, or ‘hooker’ and some very unnecessarily disparaging remarks. There is a  possibility that this person may consider a career as a social escort but because there are no Seven Killings stars in this chart, only Direct Officer, this is not very likely. Even if she did to it, she would not be doing this for the sex or any other sexually perverted reason, but for the MONEY. It is also wrong to label all women with Peach Blossom as loose or immoral or sexually promiscuous without looking at the chart itself and the exact interactions between the Branches. In France, having four Peach Blossom stars is something perfectly acceptable because in their society, they do not believe in living in le nunnery.

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You Give Peach Blossom a Bad Name

The WordPress Dashboard has a very fun useful little feature – amongst the stats, it shows me what people were searching for, when they arrived at this blog. Here are the searches done for July 10 2008:

Interestingly, there are two questions that relate to Peach Blossom. AGAIN.

And today, in a ‘Power of BaZi’ session, where I was introducing the subject of BaZi, once again, Peach Blossom cropped up. So I figure, hint from the universe. Time to talk Peach Blossom again. I say again because this subject actually seems to endlessly fascinate people (despite the fact that in the grand scale of all things BaZi, it really isn’t THAT big a deal). See my previous blog entry on the subject here.

Observations on Peach Blossom Stars

One: women get worked up over Peach Blossom Stars in their spouse or boyfriend’s chart.

Two: women never ask if THEY have a Peach Blossom Star, nor do they seem particularly concerned that they have a Peach Blossom star in their own chart.

Three: men don’t seem to be interested in Peach Blossom Stars, nor do they inquire about such stars in their wife’s chart.

Somewhere out there, some old wives tale has perpetuated about Peach Blossom Stars and that Peach Blossom Stars = Infidelity. Funny now the old wives tale only relates to infidelity and MEN, not infidelity and women. After all, what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander right? So if a man has Peach Blossom Stars, and the conclusion is he will cheat, the same can be applied to a woman who has Peach Blossom Stars as well surely?

Ladies, GET OVER it with the Peach Blossom.

Cheating is not the exclusive purview of the Peach Blossom Star although it is something to consider.

For that matter, if he didn’t have a Peach Blossom Star, YOU wouldn’t have given him a second look in the first place.

“What is Peach Blossom” and “Peach + Blossom”

Obviously, the second search is just an attempt to see what happens when the equation is put in that way, as perhaps the searching party wasn’t sure if there was such a word in the English vocabulary. For those who are curious, the Chinese name is ‘tou fa’ (Cantonese) or ‘Tou Hua’ (mandarin). The BaZi language speaking will abbreviate it to ‘PB’.

The question “What is Peach Blossom” is simple enough to answer. In BaZi, it is a type of Star and is derived from the Shen Sha method of interpreting BaZi. It is not part of the more modern ‘Zi Ping’ method. Peach Blossom is a star of attraction and likability. It makes people likable, pleasant, nice to be with, amiable, and sometimes, attractive.  It does indicate sex appeal sometimes (although that in my view is more likely to be caused by a Seven Killings star) but it also depends on what Ten Gods component the Peach Blossom star is. That’s kicking the answer to the question up a notch.

Peach Blossom is not an infidelity star, or a firm indication that a person will cheat, or have many girlfriends (although if one is attractive, it surely is necessarily likely that one will also have many admirers/torchbearers no?).

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Peach Blossom Stars – necessary? Over-rated? Or a nice to have?

During consults, there is often an inordinate amount of interest in Peach Blossom stars. Most clients usually have tried out plotting their own charts and some who have read some books on BaZi will usually be able to recognise the Peach Blossom Stars.

If you are inclined to find out, you can use the BaZi Ming Pan calculator at and in your chart, look for any of these four characters: 子 卯 午 酉 inside the BaZi chart in either one of the four pillars.

Peach Blossom Stars

People who have Peach Blossom stars always want to know what it means for their romantic life (guys for example, usually are curious to know what it *means*) and ladies of course are anxious about the presence of such stars in their husband/boyfriend’s chart. It’s odd but ladies themselves do not seem to be too concerned with the presence of such a star in their chart.

Anyway, people often ask what it means to have a Peach Blossom star. Well it means attraction at its most basic level. A certain likeability. People with Peach Blossom are easier to like. We tend to gravitate towards them. So from a romance standpoint, having Peach Blossom is a plus because it just means you don’t have to work so hard to attract the attention of the opposite sex. It’s a bit like having a hook that is already baited, rather than having to put the worm on the hook so to speak.

Personally, I am not of the view that Peach Blossom is essential. Sometimes, it can be a pain – just ask people who have more than one Peach Blossom Star. Too much Peach Blossom (more than 1) can also mean you have relationship problems – unwanted attention, attention from people you don’t like, dogsbodies chasing after you, stalkers (if you are not careful!).

And, Peach Blossom is not what helps close the deal (aka, cross the matrimonial line). For ladies, if their chart ONLY has Peach Blossom, but they lack a true officer star, or have no officer, it just means attraction, without being actually able to close the deal! Or worse, a line full of suitors but nary a decent prospect in sight!

Professionally, in a female chart, I would rather there be a good Officer star than Peach Blossom – Officer increases your chances of closing the deal (provided you get the right Luck Pillars as well) whilst Peach Blossom sometimes can be just an awful lot of trouble from the opposite sex. In a man’s chart, Peach Blossom is usually trouble if you’re not smart with how you make use of it.

So Peach Blossom is nice to have, and helpful most of the time but essential? Hmm, questionable.

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