I notice an awful lot of people are searching for BaZi calculators. Hmmm. Hadn’t realised they were quite that hard to find.

There are several free websites out there that offer free BaZi calculators (requiring the requisite sign up before you can use it but rarely asking for money).

Google It.

I think more accurate to the point is the fact that not all calculators out there are created equal. Joey Yap’s BaZi Ming Pan calculator is 99 percent error free and Joey has put a lot of resources into developing it. It’s free to use but requires registration – do the needful and get the chart this way. This calculator will accurately generate your BaZi (Four Pillars) and Luck Pillars but it currently includes a profiling system developed by Joey – I do not really subscribe to some of the views relating to the profiling system so my recommendation is just to use the calculator to obtain the BaZi, but take the profiling stuff at face value.

I have had some people write to me to ask about calculators that use the Lunar method to compute the BaZi chart. I have looked into these calculators and as far as I can tell, it does not make sense.

BaZi is a system derived from the Solar calendar (vs the Lunar Calendar). As such, it is ridiculous to use the Lunar Calendar to compute the BaZi chart. The correct astrological system that is to be used with the Lunar Calendar is Zi Wei Dou Shu or Purple Star Astrology. BaZi is on the other hand designed for use with the Solar Calendar, because it ties into Feng Shui.

For Westerners, the Lunar calendar is of no significance to you because your date of birth is not expressed in a Lunar calendar context. It is expressed in a Gregorian calendar context, which is easily cross-referenced to the Solar Calendar using any old Ten Thousand Year Calendar aka Chinese Almanac to obtain the BaZi chart.

If you are Asian and born in the last 60 years, you will also likely have a birth certificate that records your date of birth in Gregorian calendar terms. So again, no problems with plotting the BaZi chart. Where the Lunar calendar usually comes into play is when a person is born on a certain date, but the birth certificate reflects not the date of birth, but the date of birth registration. This is common in some Asian countries for citizens over the age of 50 who may have been born in a village or a place far out in the boonies. In such instances, the person usually knows their Lunar Calendar birthday – only in that instance need a conversion take place to the Solar Calendar date, to obtain the BaZi chart.

Otherwise, the Solar and Lunar calendar really are like East and West. They do not meet.

It ain’t rocket science getting your BaZi chart. What you do have to be careful about is using a reliable calculator. There are certain calculators out there which are wrong when it comes to the Branches, particularly the Pig (Hai) branch. And of course, I do not agree with the calculator that using a mixture of Solar and Lunar calendars for the obvious reasons above (the inventors obviously have their own reasoning – I just don’t agree with it).

Has the Joey Yap BaZi Ming Pan ever been wrong?

I have had clients who have come to see me, insisting the Joey Yap calculator is wrong, when in fact, their personal calculation was wrong due to a certain common mistake they made with computing the transit point of each month. The calculator is only as fallible as the person who uses it (wrong date input perhaps?) but being a machine, it of course, is open to possible error (although I have yet to come across one in a consultation).

As such, when in doubt, we refer to the Ten Thousand Year Calendar itself. And that, cannot be wrong for sure.

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