Bazi & The Art of Relationships Video Class

IMPORTANT: The videos are not a substitute for a real class, where you get hands on interaction and very strong practical experience interpreting charts. I place a strong personal emphasis on practicum  as I believe that training students to read actual charts under pressure whilst in a classroom environment is the only way to really master the information (as you’ll see in the videos). However, I do appreciate that some students would like the benefit of some form of study in order to continue to advance their own learning at their own pace and are at times simply not able to find the time to attend a full class session or travel to a class location.

Relationships are not just about love and romance. They are about understanding the people around us who matter – be it friends, enemies, family members or business partners, rivals and superiors. BaZi is a tremendously useful weapon in the arsenal of people management but it begins by appreciating both the macro and micro perspective on relationships. At the same time, it is critical to appreciate the philosophy and thinking behind relationships from a BaZi perspective, which is focused on understanding the unique character and power dynamics between the parties in a relationship, derived from the elements and the interplay between the Day Masters.

In this 2 day video class, the BaZiqueen discusses a broad range of topics, from the BaZi interpretation of chemistry to what to make of that thing called Affinity. The class also covers structured lecture topics such as the 10 Day Masters in the Home and Work environment, and practical considerations like how to tackle and identify certain types of relationship dysfunctions. In between, there are breakout discussions on charts to demonstrate the theory on a practical level.

Product Information

Price:  USD450 (includes shipping costs)

Runtime: Approximately 8 hours of video footage with charts/slides inserted as well as subtitles to follow the discussions where appropriate.

You will receive: 

  • A USB pen drive with all the videos on MP4 format. MP4 is a video compression format that creates a file which is small without compromising quality. It  can be played on any computer, uploaded to an iPad or if you have a USB enabled television, can be plugged into the television.
  • a printed booklet with the slides and all the relevant BaZi charts.


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