BaZi Videos

I was inspired to make the video classes by leading instructor and practitioner Sherry Merchant, who shared with me how she had come up with video classes to enable students who couldn’t attend her classes to benefit from her amazing Feng Shui and BaZi classes (if you haven’t taken her XKDG class… haven’t experienced Feng Shui).

Having taught some classes overseas and run classes in KL, I can attest to the challenge that students can face when it comes to accessing information and material on Metaphysics subjects – many people just can’t take the time to attend a class or manage the cost of travelling. And for an instructor, putting a class together is immensely challenging when you are trying to get people from different continents with very different public holidays or vacation time together in one place! So were born my video classes.

The video classes that are available for purchase on the website are the full and complete live classes with the added supplement of slides and diagrams inserted in for ease of learning. The content has been edited primarily to facilitate chunked learning (each segment does not exceed 1 hour) and also to streamline the home education experience by placing interactive segments separate from the formal teaching segments. This allows a student to watch the videos in linear form or to dip in and out of their preferred segments, and then to focus on case studies as and when they feel ready. In some parts, where a student’s personal chart is discussed or there is sensitive personal content or professional content, those discussions were edited out for privacy purposes. However, as far as possible minimal content editing has been done and primarily only structural content editing has been performed.

The materials will be couriered to you via DHL – the videos will be on a USB drive, which you can use to copy the content to your computer/ipad or plug into a USB enabled television and view immediately. You will also receive a booklet containing the slides as well as BaZi charts referenced in the class.

If you experience any purchasing problems, please email us via If you require a tax invoice or specialised receipt, we can arrange to issue an invoice via Paypal which you can then pay with your credit card.

Testimonials (what people have been saying about the videos!)

Marlyna Los, Canada
I invested in Bernice’s 10 God Redux program a few months ago and as time permits been working my way through the videos.  I wrote her to say I love her course and am taking my skill level to new depths. I highly recommend you invest in this series especially if you are a Feng Shui / BaZi consultant who wants to take their business to the next level.
If you want to learn more about 10 Gods – Bernice Low the BaZi Queen is the best source I know to take your knowledge deeper. I don’t say that lightly as I have myself 20 years experience with BaZi.      What you will learn is very clearly how to see the 10 gods and their different aspects regarding peoples lives (particularly in the business world -but romance too) as they exist in the different elements. For instance Direct Office as Yang Metal is very different from Yin Wood or Yin Water.   How important is it to know if who is working with you is honest? Or  re making money and  wealth –  Direct Wealth hates to waste time – but which element it is you of course influences that Yang Earth is different than  Yang Wood, etc.
Filled with great examples – Bernice’s knowledge and skill is geared towards real life application in our consult businesses or personal use for improving our lives.
I am so glad you filmed your course for those of us overseas to use.  Thank you.
D. Lim, Singapore 
” I had been consistently reviewing your videos, something repeating them for certain more difficult topics. I have to say that the concepts which you have included in the video were all captivatingly new to me, the ingenuity of which I cannot even begin to imagine prior the videos.The overall production was very engaging and educational so far and I don’t believe my opinion would change at the end after I have completing the whole program”
“I will give you a blockbuster rating! I have only finished Day 1 and I am already able to look at charts in a whole new way. This class is packed with information and well worth the money. And just so everyone knows it’s not only the videos, you also get booklets for the visuals (charts and such). This is my new “binge-watch”. I think your teaching style is so perfect for the subject of bazi. It is not a linear topic, nor does it adapt to a linear way of thinking”

Available Video Classes

New video classes will be added as I solicit feedback and find out what types of information would afford practical and useful advantages to students of BaZi. If you have any thoughts on this, please feel free to email me bazibuzz [at] Click on the links below to see video previews of the classes, as well as product details.

10 Gods Redux Video Class (USD990) – the BaZiQueen’s blockbuster six day video classes that takes you on a whole new journey of understanding and discovery about the 10 Gods. 36 hours of chunked up insight and conceptual explanation on each and every one of the 10 Gods, as well as insight into how their different variations impact subtly but significantly on the interpretation of a BaZi chart. Want to know how a Yi Wood Eating God varies from a Xin Metal one, or the significance of a Jia Wood Direct Officer vs a Yi Wood Direct Officer? Take your understanding of the 10 Gods to a new level with this video class.

Elemental Dynamics: BaZi and the Art of Relationship (USD360) – The BaZiqueen’s 2 day class that shows you how to use the advantage of BaZi to manage relationships at work and in your personal life. As Sun Tzu says, know yourself and know your enemy, and you will always be victorious. This 8 hour video classes will show you just how to utilise knowledge as simply as the Day Master and structure of the BaZi chart to act and react strategically to the people around you, from those frenemies to rivals.