About the BaziQueen

Independent Bazi Consultant. This is my private cosmic playspace, where I can write whatever I want about BaZi and have fun doing it.

For consultations, please go to my consultation webpage: Pure BaZi

If you would to email me, I ask that you respect the rules of engagement in my cosmic playground – questions that fall into the below category, whether emailed or posted on my blog, will not be entertained:

  • I WILL NOT ANSWER any emails that relate to your personal chart, the chart of your relative, or the chart of even your distant kin.
  • I WILL NOT ANSWER any emails about your chart and your personal issues, grievances with the universe, questions about why things happen the way they have to YOU. That is professional advice, and is best rendered in a professional manner, via a professional consultation.
  • I WILL NOT look at charts of dead people, or someone who has died in gruesome, unexpected or mysterious circumstances because I have no interest in dead people, or mysteries. Please call Angela Lansbury or the nearest CSI unit.
  • I WILL NOT ANSWER repetitive emails from the same individual asking me 5 variations of the same question or trying to slip in questions about their personal chart. If I get an Indirect Resource moment and suspect the chart in question is yours, I will not answer the email either.
  • I WILL NOT ANSWER emails from people attempting to learn BaZi by some form of distance correspondence or osmosis. If you want to learn BaZi, take a class. Read a book. I am not your personal Yoda or your Sifu or your Guru.
  • I WILL NOT ANSWER emails that are designed to put one person’s opinion against another’s. There are lots of BaZi blogs out there and they all have an opinion and are free to have an opinion.

So here’s the stuff you CAN ask:

  • I WILL ANSWER technical questions, or questions related to theory or principles of BaZi.
  • I WILL ANSWER questions relate to uncertainties over the calculation of BaZi charts
  • I WILL ANSWER the question if it intrigues me (subject to caveats above)


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