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2014 Astrological Forecast – The Day Masters (Part 2)


In 2014, Ji Earth sees the Direct Officer Star in the Stem, with Indirect Resource and Friend below. So good star in Stem, so-so stars in the Branch. By simplified logic as per explained in Part 1, it will be an average year for Ji Earth. A modest promotion or perhaps a new job, but with at best, additional perks rather than a payrise, and worse, a non-minion that you have to manage. Procrastination and a lack of willingness to be proactive will be strong on the minds of Ji Earth people in 2014, with a tendency to be rather suspicious minded as well. The year is least favourable for 己 未 and 己 丑, particularly if they are born in the year of the Snake, or the month of Snake. 己 巳 is also likely to find this year quite difficult, with perhaps a little too much patience on their part when it comes to getting things done, or a false sense of authority when it comes to the workplace. 己 卯 needs to be careful of problems related to the law, best to keep those income tax forms on the side of legal, and be wary of workplace romances or unwanted attention in the office. 己 亥 probably gets off the lightest in 2014 which might be welcome breathing space after the rather difficult 2013.

Geng Metal

2014 should be for all intents and purposes a half decent year for Geng Metals, bar perhaps for 庚 子 and 庚 午. The year brings Indirect Wealth, plus the Direct Officer and Direct Resource – all of which are nice stars and nice to have. Gengs in the corporate world however are likely to benefit more from the year than those who are self-employed or running their own businesses, since the Direct Officer Star is usually more advantageous to those in employment. What good news do Gengs have to look forward to? Obviously, a promotion of substance that brings with it money and perks, with the good news likely to be coming as early as February 2014.  Whilst the money may not be as amazing as you hoped, some is better than none.

庚 子 of course will be the exception to this rule, as it is a Hurting Officer see Direct Officer year for this Jia Zi. Female 庚 子  should be careful at home and in the office (fighting with the boss = fighting with the SIgnificant Other) and for Male 庚 子 should learn the art of silence at the workplace. Protesting the principles is pointless this year, instead, focus on producing financial results (or use a financial justification) as the basis for any disagreements you have with your superiors. 庚 午 will likely experience an overdose of dictatorship syndrome, which will ultimately end up being detrimental towards your  leadership and authority within the workplace. Stress levels are also likely to be extremely high, largely due to perhaps an inability to delegate new responsibilities that you have actually grabbed for yourself.

庚 戌 is likely to benefit the most from this year, with strong opportunities go to up the career ladder in a  big promotion leap. 庚 寅 will also benefit in the same way, but may get more by way of monetary compensation compared to 庚 戌. 庚 辰 and  庚 申 will also benefit from the overall positive stars of the year, but less advantageously compared to the other two, but equally, will escape from any of the negative aspects compared to 庚 午 and 庚 子.


Xins do not do as well as their Geng brethren in 2014, largely because the prized stars are in the Stem and the less than prized stars dominate the Branch. Xins will be seeing the 7 Killings and Indirect Resource Stars in the Branch, with a measly Direct Wealth Star above.  Broadly speaking that doesn’t hark too well. Xin especially dislikes the 7 Killings Star as it burns the Metal rather than makes it sparkle. As such, Xins should be careful of legal problems, petty people (especially since the 7 Killings comes with Indirect Resource) but also, be wary of being suspicious minded and petty themselves! Fortunately, the solution for Xins is to do what they are good at, which is, argue their way out of the problem. A good dose of Hurting Officer is what is needed to dose that Ding Fire from the Horse so when put under the grindstone, respond in true fashion by rising to the challenge. In this way, 2014 may yet prove to be a decent year for Xins.

The year will be toughest for Xins born in the Summer months, in particular, those born in the Goat and Snake months. Water will be the most important element for these Xins, so book in those beach holidays and work out your problems in the shower or swimming pool. 2014 will be the toughest for 辛 丑 , with lots of tendency towards overthinking things but also mindfucking yourself as a result of just an overly suspicious thought process. Be a little more open and air your concerns, do not keep them to yourself. 辛 未 should be careful of things getting too hot when it comes to income tax matters or legal issues that have been neglected from 2011 or 2012. 辛 巳 will find the year taxing in terms of work pressure, stress and perhaps for the 辛 巳 woman, relationship woes. This is a good time at work to learn how to DELEGATE and possibly, start to develop a little bit of irresponsibility by way of not offering to save the day all the time at work. 辛 亥  will probably escape relatively unscathed this year as the 亥 will slightly ameliorate the effects of the 午 through combination. Finally, 辛 酉 will likely also get off lightly in 2014 although after a pretty lazy year in 2013, will probably find the pressure ups and the stakes rise in 2014 in the workplace.


Strong Ren Waters will find 2014 is a good year for them, coupled with the benefit of 2 good stars in the Stem (Direct Wealth + Direct Officer) and an Eating God in the Stem, which can’t be all that bad either. Broadly speaking, Rens will find 2014 is highly productive, with a lot of opportunities for promotions and job change (for those who are employed) although the self-employed Ren may find that revenues start to move towards the realm of ‘conservative’, which might feel a bit unsatisfactory after the high of 2013. 2014 will be a busy year for Rens as a whole tho, and there may well not be much time for R&R. 壬 戌 and 壬 寅 however should make it a point to take some mini-breaks, especially during the summer months, to recharge, as regathering your wits is essential for the Ren Water person. Make time also to constantly re-evaluate your focal point as Rens are at their best, when there is a clear destination in which to direct their energies. Financially, the year will be best for 壬 戌 and 壬 寅.

Although overall the year is good, 壬 子 will experience problems in 2014, thanks to the clash. This is likely to be related to business partnerships (which unexpectedly fracture, probably due to money or pilfering, on either side) but could also be related to relationships. Married 壬 子 males in particular should be extra careful of keeping in their pants or just trying to keep the workplace stress out of the home. Escalating costs versus less than forecast income may also affect some 壬 子 detrimentally so at the start of the year, plan and budget more conservatively, and avoid over-leveraging yourself financially. 壬 午 has a self-punishment this year, but since it involves the Direct Wealth Star, this probably just suggests a form of indecisiveness relating to job opportunities, or possibly, an attempt to over-spread yourself and be too calculative when it comes to money matters (resulting in financial difficulty). Best to think bird in hand rather than attempting to outsmart the universe in 2014 for 壬 午. For 壬 申 the year will be half decent, with certainly a lot more impetus to get things done compared to 2013. There will be an improvement to your sense of drive and focus, but possibly at the expense of your sense of comfort and contentment. However, any change in your mental approach to life, will be a good one this year so embrace it. 壬 辰 will probably get the least out of 2014 – the plus point is no downsides, the minus point – a middle upside at best.

Gui Water

Last but not least, Gui Waters – 2014 brings the Hurting Officer Star, seated atop the Indirect Wealth Star and the 7 Killings Star.  For certain Gui Water individuals, this is favourable, for others, the presence of the 7 Killings and Hurting Officer Star may be a mixed bag. Employed Gui Waters will not find the year is so advantageous, especially if they work in a conservative profession (ie: banking). whilst the money will come, the hassles will too, and the job stress. Self-employed Gui Water on the other hand may benefit from the Hurting Officer and Indirect Wealth, although due to the presence of the 7 Killings Star, there will likely be a risk of saying something that ends up getting you into trouble. Worse, you get sued for libel or your money comes on the back of over-stated claims which you end up not being able to deliver upon. Remember that in 2015, Gui Water will see a strong 7 Killings Star with no Resource Star to help out, which suggests, be very careful what eggs you lay in 2014 since the chickens will come home to roost in 2015! Pressure, petty people, backstabbers and a notorious reputation aside (all which can be good but only if you are 50 Cents perhaps), the Wealth Star is present in the Branch, which indicates a good year for cashing out on investments. Guis should not however MAKE investments since the presence of the Hurting Officer, 7 Killings and and Indirect Wealth Star are likely to result in highly speculative investments with an extremely high risk profile, that might just end up exploding on you in 2015.

2014 will be least advantageous financially for 癸 亥 and 癸 丑 whilst 癸 巳 and 癸 未 will probably do best out of it, due to the combination that produces Fire in the case of 癸 未 . 癸 丑 and 癸 未 however, will get the worst of the stress from the 7 Killings Star, and the nastiest of the backstabbing as well, although 癸 丑 will handle it a tad better. 癸 卯 should be careful of relationship problems, especially single male 癸 卯. 癸 卯 however will have a very productive year, if they are able to adopt both a short and long-term outlook on new ideas or ventures they pursue this year.

癸 酉 probably escapes the most unscathed in 2014, although that might be due an inherent tendency to be less proactive than usual or more laid back about matters compared to the other Gui DMs.

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2014 Astrological Forecast – The Day Masters (Part 1)

Before I launch into the individual forecasts for the 10 Day Masters, some important academic stuff, mostly which relates to how a lot of this information is derived. You might wonder what I bother to bore people with the details of how the answers were explained. Simple – because BaZi oftentimes is all too much based on faith and fate (“Just Believe”) and people are often not critical, inquisitive or for that matter, intellectual, when they are given an answer in BaZi. WHY is almost as important as the HOW is almost as important as THE ANSWER when it comes to Astrology because Why is how you determine the solution, and How explains to you the context, whereas The Answer has an annoying habit of being quite uninformative (especially when the answer is in the form of ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’ or ‘Okay’).

The methodology for determining the outcomes of each of the 10 Day Masters (sans a chart, which of course, is the Gold Standard of a forecast – let there be no illusion about that) is based on a couple of simple premises.

Firstly, we use the old-fashioned principle that there are prized stars and there are not so prized stars. The prized stars are Officer, Wealth (specifically Direct Wealth although these days, who wants the plain old boring vanilla wealth) and Resource (but only Direct Resource, as this is a better quality Nobleman). So simple method: the Day Masters that ‘see’ a prized star, one presumes to be having a favourable year. The Day Masters that ‘see’ a not-so-prized star, one presumes to be having a less favourable year. In the context of 2014, as Horse contains 丁 and 己 so it is important that both of these be prized stars to the Day Master – if one is prized but the other is not, then we would presume a less than favourable year as a whole.

Secondly, we operate on the assumption that the Branch (which is Horse 午)carries greater significance than the Stem (which is Jia Wood 甲). Accordingly, if the Stem represents a prized star, but the Branch doesn’t, then we presume a negative or unfavourable year for the Day Master. If the Stem represents a not-so-prized star but the picture is different for the Branch, then we presume a favourable year for the Day Master. It goes without saying that if you have Stem and Branch prized, that’s a big bonus.

Thirdly, we can add further refinement to the process by qualifying specifically which of the six types of each Day Master is likely to benefit the most. This is done by comparing the interaction of the Jia Zi of the year 甲 午 with the Jia Zi of the Six Day Masters, but also determining if there is a favourable Combination involving the year and the Jia Zi.

And so…

Ja Wood

In 2014, Jia Wood sees Direct Wealth and Hurting Officer. This denotes a very productive year for Jia Woods overall. Expect to have lots of new ideas, and outrageous ones at that which if you are bold, will yield wealth opportunities or a new source of wealth. There is the possibility of being offered a JV or partnership with someone with a bold new idea or a disruptive business model.

However, as Jia Wu is regarded as ‘dead wood’, this means that you may find yourself working with someone who is a little too opinionated and who may well be unable to determine if they wish to strike boldly, or play it safe (Hurting Officer and Direct Wealth having very distinctly different viewpoints).

2014 will be worst for 甲 午 followed by 甲 子 Day Masters, especially if they are born in the Summer months (May, June, July). It may be favourable for 甲 戌 and 甲 寅 Day Masters provided, Fire is a favourable element. For 甲 辰, outcomes are likely to be modest at best and for 甲 申 there will be authority issues (either you against your boss, or your minions against you).

Yi Wood

In 2014, Yi Wood sees Indirect Wealth and Eating God. This presents a mixed bag situation because the Indirect Wealth Star denotes a shortcut mentality or windfall wealth style opportunity but the Eating God indicates a long-term outlook or a idea or outcome that requires time to perfect. Yi Woods therefore must select their opportunities carefully in the year, determining what is most important for them in the immediate 5 year gameplan to decide which Star to follow (IW or EG). It is however a good year in which to also consider cashing out on an existing asset or investment, and then putting it back into something long-term (as a method of fulfilling the polar opposite quality of the two Stars in the Branch). Due to the presence of a Rob Wealth Star in the Stem, Yi Woods will find they are approached by lots of people to collaborate, be it formally or informally. It will be a profitable outcome for sure but nonetheless, a judicious approach of selecting the best opportunities in light of the above conflict, is vital.

In 2014, it will be the most productive for 乙 未 and 乙 巳  - 乙 亥 may benefit, provided they are able to get their ambition level up. Outcomes will be mixed for 乙 丑 whilst for 乙 卯 it is best to ensure the partnership does not involve someone of the opposite sex.

Bing Fire

 In 2014, Bing Fire sees the Rob Wealth Star and Hurting Officer Star. Overall, the forecast is not favourable for Bings generally given the presence of three non-prized stars: Hurting Officer, Rob Wealth and Indirect Resource. From a career standpoint, this denotes that ANY progress is mixed at best, and the primary challenge is likely to be issues related to staff and co-workers. Since it is a Rob Wealth year, Bing Fires will find the fiscal challenge is probably the biggest challenge of the year. It seems no matter how much you make, it all keeps going down the drain. Thus, approach the year with not just a strategy to contain spending, but an attempt to focus spending on avenues that will generate revenue in the future such as long-term assets. Business partnership opportunities should be evaluated with great care with the knowledge that they may not yield any immediate benefits for the next 1-2 years.

2014 will be most challenging for 丙 子 and 丙午,especially in the career department. It will be most expensive for 丙 寅 and 丙 戌 financially.  丙 申 and 丙 辰 will probably get off the easiest in 2014, but even then, it will not be without getting hit by at least, some financial challenges.

Ding Fire

In 2014, Ding Fire sees the Friend and Eating God Star. The broad implication of this is that there might be some increase in financial expenditure, largely associated with either trying to keep up with the Jones OR simply as a result of some irrational exuberance. There may be an inclination to take more holidays than usual, or simply indulge in emotional spending.

2014 will be the most expensive, financially, for 丁 未 and 丁 巳. 丁 丑 will face further challenges in the staff or employee department, in addition to the increase in personal outgoings, most likely due to impulse spending or comfort spending. For 丁 卯 and 丁 酉, aside from potential financial hiccups or irrational spending, there is the possibility of romantic entanglements proving to be the source of much of the year’s angst.

丁 亥 will probably escape somewhat the full impact of the year or at the very least, will be oblivious to any financial pressures by and large. They will spend but feel less horrified by their credit card bill simply because they may well be spending on someone else’s account.

Wu Earth

Wu Earth sees the 7  Killings Star in the Stem, with the Direct Resource Star and the Rob Wealth Star in the Branch.   Things will probably not be that great money wise, but there certainly will be progress in terms of career (sudden promotion) or relationship for female Wu Earths (not a Prince, but certainly no frog either). Perhaps the great challenge for Wu Earth’s in 2014 will be moving out of their comfort zone and adjusting to new pressures at work. Hey, with great power comes great responsibility and so Wu Earth’s should expect it to be a hectic year overall thanks to the stress from the 7 Killings Star. Changes in the people who manage you will be likely and it is highly possible you may find yourself working for a slavedriver of the highest order. Legal problems are also likely so be careful you don’t skate the edge of the law.

In 2014, 戊寅 will feel the pressure the most, and there will be a tremendous conflict between doing things the steady and certain way, and getting it DONE. 戊 午 will find it very challenging in terms of productivity and getting things done, with much overthinking and mind-fuck going on. 戊 子 will feel tremendously pressured this year, thanks to the clash. Male 戊 子may also experience some challenges in the relationship arena – there may be an abrupt change or a lot of blow ups (or some accidental dalliances that turn out to be complicated). There may also be an unexpected change to your financial situation due to currency fluctuations or paper losses on investments.  戊戌 should expect it to be slow going as far as impetus going with getting things done, with overthinking or excessive patience resulting in a loss of momentum or even any ability to get started.

戊 申 and 戊辰  probably escape the year relatively unscathed – relatively means you might get something in the way of the broad strokes of above (issues with boss, overthinking, procrastination) but it will generally be a lot less painful compared to  戊 子.

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House 戊 Wu and the Wu Bannermen

House 戊 Wu and the Wu Bannermen

Ah, I’m totally getting into this now. One House down, 9 more to go!

As a quick note, the mottos, the colour choice of the icons, and the overall composition of the Sigils do have some BaZi significance. Have fun figuring them out.












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Game of Thrones meets BaZi

Game of Thrones meets BaZi

So, nothing like some time wasters to get the week going. I personally love the HBO Series Game of Thrones ( and the book) and have been thinking of doing a Game of Thrones BaZi series, explaining the characters in the context of BaZi. But in the meantime, found this website Join the Realm and had fun creating a bunch of sigils.

So here are the Sigils for all 10 of the ‘Elemental Houses’.


This is one my personal favourites:

For some reason, I was inspired to make two House of Ding:

The easiest one to figure out:

And last but not least:

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Lance Armstrong: Arch cheater or extreme competitor?

This is Lance Armstrong’s chart (hour not correct). I thought I would continue some of the discussion about his chart here.

Postscript: the Luck Pillars have now been included into the post.


So the thing about this chart is what made him cheat/dope?  I have been thinking about this, especially because when I first looked at the chart, it did not scream ‘CHEATER’ to me. Honestly I was a little surprised because I didn’t immediately see the Stars that I’d expected to see in the strength that I expected to see them. Not of course that the ‘cheater’ Stars (7K, RW and more to the point, IR) were not present – in the chart, these stars ARE present but not in overwhelming strength although granted, the HOUR is not determinable (although given the circumstances, it would be an educated guess that it’s either a Dragon or a Dog or an Ox). But the broad composition of the chart is not suggestive of a cheater. It is strongly suggestive of a highly competitive personality, but that does not equate with cheating.

Also been thinking about some answers I got from students over the weekend about their expectations on what they should be able to do after learning BaZi to a certain level. One student said he wanted to be able to do matching of staff to job requirements in his workplace and it occurred to me to ask if the person felt they were qualified in terms of real world knowledge (as opposed to BaZi knowledge) as to what a particular job demanded in terms of skillsets in order to successfully do the matching. If you have ZERO knowledge of how to define a particular set of skills for a specific type of job, how will you know if the BaZi chart matches the criteria?

Which brings me back to Lance Armstrong and the world of cycling, of which I know little about. Until of course, this whole debacle came out. And then there was ONE TELLING STATEMENT that I read in an article that sort of turned the lightbulb on for me on this whole thing. Normally, when a winner of a particular sporting event (ie: Olympics) is declared a cheat, the next in line will receive the medal. This was the case with Ben Johnson and Marion Jones. Their medals were stripped (or in Jones case, returned) and given to the next in line aka clean winner. But when it came to the Tour De France during the years that Armstrong was the winner, EVERY SINGLE CYCLIST who finished behind him was caught for doping.

It is now emerging that possibly, the world of cycling, in the period that Armstrong was riding, was a world where doping was de rigeur. It can be argued that in Armstrong’s chart, the DW star is almost as strong as the RW star. These two stars are contrary to each other but they also need each other in a sense. When DW is strong, the RW is needed to help the Day Master successfully control the strong DW. DW follows the rules, RW skirts them. So how do we reconcile this situation in the context of Lance Armstrong?

Well, one way to look at it was that he was a very competitive personality but one who also wanted to play by the rules. And in his mind, given that doping was rampant, Armstrong WAS playing by the rules by doping. The fact that he became exceptionally good at it from various accounts is demonstrative of his RW star and probably discovering the hidden potential of his IR star within the Pig of his year when it comes to out-thinking the testers and officials.

But did he intend to cheat to win or did he simply cheat because he believed that was the only way to win? Elements of his chart (particularly the HO and DW stars) suggest this may have been his mindset, that he did not think he could win without drugs and that it was not cheating if everyone else is doing it. The misconception of the DW Star is that the DW Star follows the rules. It does – whichever are the RULES OF THE DAY. Rules do not necessarily have to be ethical – notice that there is no DO star to speak off in Armstrong’s chart. A DW and DO star together would follow the rules but only follow the rules if they were ethical. A DW Star that is present WITHOUT a DO star will not react in the same manner. So if the rules of the day says that every guy who is competing against you is cheating, then you have to cheat too because that’s what the system is.

Maybe that’s why in Lance Armstrong’s own way, he doesn’t believe he cheated.

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What causes gaffe-ology?

From what I read on the US Presidential election, aspirant Mitt Romney has a bad case of gaffe-ology or a tendency to say the wrong thing. This is a really good example:

And the litany of incorrect statements goes on, not to mention a criticism of Romney’s campaign as lacking discipline by Republican commentator Peggy Noonan in the WSJ.

So what is the cause of all of these problems? Here’s a quick look at Romney’s Luck Pillars:

Mitt Romney (time of birth accurate)

To quickly recap, the current luck pillar is Bing Shen 丙 申

So, the reason for the tendency to be prone to gaffes is quite easy to understand in this chart. First and foremost, the output star is quite weak in this chart based on the season. Accordingly, public speaking is not this person’s forte, more so Geng Metal – when Geng uses the Hurting Officer, it is essentially using the Gui Water Stem. Gui Water is the mist – which is enigmatic, and also, chaotic. At best, it’s a cloud, at worst, it’s spit (yes, spit!). So it is NOT a surprise that Romney has been very vague about his policy ideas and giving people the whole ‘ when I get voted in I will know how to fix it’ – ideas are not this person’s strong suit as Geng is not naturally inclined to use Water. They need to be in the thick of problems and simply…chop their way out. If they are not in the thick of the problem, asking them what to do is a bit pointless really.

Now, the Rob Wealth Star in this chart is in an ungrateful punishment with the Indirect Wealth Star, with the 7 Killings Star also in the mix. In other words, whenever Romney tries to speak off the cuff/spontaneously (the RW star) he ends up in an ungrateful punishment with himself. Whenever Romney talks about money or how he made his money or how he will use his entrepreneurial skills to help America (the IW star), he is in an ungrateful punishment relationship with the people he is trying to convince (his RWs).

If we read the Hour Pillar as Romney’s constituents (meaning, the public and the people of the United States, and more directly, people he is trying to win over), there is an ungrateful punishment. So no matter what he says, it seems he just can’t say the right thing. Adding to the fact that he isn’t a naturally eloquent and communicative person to begin with because of the poor quality of the Output Star.

The DO star is the key to Romney but apparently according to anecdotal reports, he’s not a very disciplined person when it comes to practicing his speeches or rehearsing his messages or exercising discipline over his campaign. So Peggy Noonan is right, what Romney needs right now is a little more discipline on his campaign, especially with message. Using the Gui and being vague is a bad idea – using the Ding and being clear, exact, and precise about what he wants to do, is the right approach.

The current Luck Pillar is also a bit of the culprit behind the Gaffe-ology of Mitt Rommey – there is a Ungrateful Punishment between the Snake (again, the 7k/RW star) and the Friends Star suggesting bad advice possibly or listening to the wrong people but also, trying to seem like the every man (Friend Star) is not working for Romney. So trying to convince Americans he is ‘just like that’ is probably not a smart strategy here. This Ungrateful Punishment produces the Water element, which obviously is not an element that Geng Metal uses too well. Spit remember?


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