Because nobody knows anything… Nov21


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Because nobody knows anything…

Early this year, I forecasted that Angela Merkel would have a difficult year in office, with a potential to lose her position.


Frau Chancellor was facing a 丁酉 Hurting Officer see Direct Officer. If this time of birth is correct, she also had a Direct Officer Self Punishment. Her 10 year LP is 甲子 which indicates a Harm to her Direct Officer Star in the month (Water harms the Wealth Star, implying that her compassion, as represented by Indirect Resource, affects her ability to be pragmatic). So it was clear that Merkel was going to be punished for her pro-refugee policy in Europe and Germany.

Most people found the forecast hard to believe. And I have to say, when Germany held it’s State Elections in May 2017, it was thought that Merkel was a sure thing.

The NY Times wrote (slightly cautiously, but yet confidently):

“The national elections are still more than four months away — a long time in an era of febrile politics across Europe, where mainstream parties have seen their grip weaken in recent elections. But Ms. Merkel, in power since 2005, seems to be bucking the trend, buoyed by experience, a calm temperament and the exceptional economic strength of Germany, which has 4.1 percent unemployment and just last week announced record exports and tax revenues that will exceed expectations by 55 billion euros by 2020.” – Angela Merkel’s Party Scores Big Win in Key German State Election

The Independent ran this online headline:


Of course, the pundits argue nobody knows anything. And it seemed like BaZi had to got it wrong too when Merkel emerged victorious in the September 2017 election. (“Merkel Wins Fourth Term“).

But just as rapidly, the ax has fallen on Frau Chancellor, who is a Jia Wood Day Master. As of today, Merkel may have to call elections again in Germany or step down and allow someone else to attempt to broker a back-room deal. Either way, she won’t have a 4th term as Chancellor by the looks of it.

Nobody knows anything…right.