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Goodbye Guinea Pig…

One of the frequent pieces advice I give to BaZi students is GET A GUINEA PIG. Someone you can experiment on, test out your bazi knowledge and generally, figure out how BaZi works on a live wriggling example. Of course, you are your own best guinea pig but is helps also to have guinea pigs that are not you.

In my original post (way back in 2009), I simply advocated people have guinea pigs to learn BaZi. However, with the advancement of my own practice, I have since moved on past mere guinea pigs. These days, I want Guinea Pigs in a Maze. Twice the fun. With a bit of risk.

The idea here is that you want to test your BaZi skills on a live subject (guinea pig), who is in a fluid situation (the maze) with the goal to successfully help the subject escape the maze without dying.

This demands a lot from the consultant because you need to keep your guinea pig on the right path, allow them to get blocked a bit (don’t mollycoddle), encourage them to figure out the answer themselves (do not remove pig from maze) but never let them spin their wheels so long they never escape the maze. Usually these are clients who are attempting something very big or moonshot-ish in nature and the whole idea is to give them every possible kind of push (metaphysical included) to get them across the line. So you’re hand holding the client on key decisions, coaching them, wheedling them, nagging them, screaming at them, giving them good dates to use, vetting the people around them…basically you are controlling the heck of the situation which is in a sense, cosmically borderline controllable only, in order to luck them into their desired outcome.

OWNER WARNING: it is not recommended that you have more than a few guinea pigs at one go. They are high maintenance.

Today’s post is about killing your guinea pigs.

Just as the closet of life only has room for so much at a given time, so the guinea pig cage needs to be cleaned out every now and again. Simply put, some guinea pigs are destined to remain in the maze forever.  These are clients who are simply unable, for whatever reason, to escape the trap of their charts. They are clients for whom future success is no longer in your ability to guide them, but in their ability to accept guidance. In short, whether or not they make it out of the maze has to come down to them. You’ve given them the secret map, it’s up to them whether or not they want to follow it or just keep going around in the maze. It is time to let them go.

Kill the guinea pig.

I am often reluctant to kill my guinea pigs. There is always a small part of the BaZi consultant that believes that they can still do something for the clients, influence a positive outcome, maybe this time the nudge will work…if I just get them to see [xx], they will realise what they have to do.

But, I think it’s also important to recognise that some guinea pigs are in fact, LEMMINGS.

Some clients NEED to be abandoned…need to be left to fend for themselves (they have already been given the advice after all). They need to screw up, fall down, experiences the abyss, before the corner can turn (if at all) In short, some people need to be allowed to fail. They need to be allowed to know what it means to fall into the trap of their chart because this is the only way they will learn.

(it is however a high risk strategy – your Lemming may never become a Guinea Pig)

Crucial to killing one’s guinea pig is to never resuscitate them. When a guinea pig client falls into the trap of their chart after numerous warnings, they must not be rescued. (read: ignore the ringing phone and the needy texts and the whining messages) Instead, they need to work through the issue for themselves (case in point: Geng and Jia Wood clients). They must be jettisoned from your speed-dial because working with someone who wants to achieve success means a client who is invested in doing what it takes to succeed. If a client cannot control their own impulses (despite being told what to do), cannot control their own behaviour and cannot mentally gear themselves into the right frame of mind, they have already failed. They are unable to consciously modify their behaviour despite being told what is the problem. They do not want their success enough – they want it because you want it for them.

A guinea pig client has to CHOSE TO SURVIVE rather than wait to be RESUSCITATED.

Another reason to junk the Guinea Pigs that show no signs of wanting to escape the maze: they are  massive time suck usually because they know their in the maze and they sort of want to get out but they just don’t want to do what it takes to get out.

Now you might be thinking – that’s all well and good to offer that advice to consultants. What’s in it for us normal people who are not BaZi consultants and reading this blog in the hopes of obtaining some nugget of useful wisdom?


When a guinea pig is unable to make their way out of the maze with guidance, and when a person keeps consistently falling into the trap of their own chart, it is because of one reason and one reason only: the inability to control self-gratification. 

Whatever Star it is in the chart that is giving them fits (read: reason they keep screwing up), they are simply not able to mentally and psychologically do what it takes to rein it in. They are determined to wade into the deepest puddle of dogshit on this planet because in their heads they either think:

a) I’ll be okay/someone will save me – they always do (usually Resource structures)

b) I’m unbeatable TAKE THAT  (7K structures)

c) It’s nothing/it’s not dogshit…it just looks like dogshit… (RW structures)

d) Because I want to (Friend structure)

e) WATCH ME GO WHERE NO ONE HAS GONE BEFORE (Hurting Officer Structure)

The inability to self-control against self-gratification is crucial to success because these are represented by two key stars: Direct Officer and Direct Wealth. No surprise, both these stars control the ability to take instructions, execute and follow direction, and crucially, prgamatism and rationality (which is really what clients are trying to do when they take advice – is the Direct Officer not guidance?). Whereas all the above stars are either purposefully wilful in nature or negligently wilful in nature – in short, exactly the reason why people can’t seem to get out of the trap of their charts. As the saying goes, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. What more when you have already been TOLD the exact trap, the exact thing that is SCREWING YOU OVER.

When a client wilfully does something else despite being advised otherwise via BaZi, it only means two things: either they don’t believe you (in which, they would not be a guinea pig), or they don’t care if they screw themselves (they will later but that’s another story).

No BaZi consultant likes to say: I TOLD YOU SO. Especially when they keep doing it repeatedly.

For any BaZi consultation to be successful and create outcomes, first, the person must be able to stop themselves from making the same mistakes over and over again. Only then can they engage in positive action to attain the outcomes they want.  Pre-BaZi knowledge, ignorance is excusable. Gravitation to dogpoo  situations can be excused on the basis that the person didn’t know what was driving them that way. But post-BaZi knowledge, ignorance is just wilful inability to control self-gratification, whatever the basis of that gratification is.  Especially when it happens over and over again. This tells you that the person is fundamentally not motivated for whatever reasons, to do what it takes to move themselves forward.

And when your guinea pig decides, it would rather be a lemming, do it and yourself favour: LET IT.