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Planning vs Counting Your Chickens before they Hatch…

A recent BaZi client sought advice on financial planning for the future. Her efforts were of course wise – she as nearing her 30s, had a good job that involved a technical skill, and had some goals she wanted to achieve in terms of her finances.  She knew she was coming up on a good wealth Luck Pillar and wanted to make sure that she didn’t waste that 10 years.

So far, so good.

The consultation was conducted via report so she came back with her questions and I also sent her some questions. That’s when things started to veer away from planning and started to become chicken egg counting.

The client is unmarried but naturally aspired to married.Perfectly fine. One of the issues discussed was real estate investing, which her chart suited but also which made sense given that she would want to have a roof over her own head at some stage. The problem is the client had premised her 10 year Wealth Luck Pillar planning on two assumptions that simply could not be RELIED UPON despite the fact that the chart creates a probability of it and that is MARRIAGE. (and children)

So you might think: hang on – didn’t BaZiQueen determine the odds of her marriageability?

Yes I did. And it was ascertained that she had a chance of marriage in the next 10 year  Luck Pillar, and that she would likely marry someone who probably could afford a house etc.

So her odds of marriage were good. BUT there was also a chance she might not succeed because the base BaZi chart did have some factors leaning AGAINST marriage.

But more importantly, one does not make financial decisions based on a CHANCE of an event that is unrelated wealth or investing happening. One also does not make financial decisions (be it for a male or female) based on the assumption of what the spouse may be capable of affording. Capable does not mean willing. Willing does not mean capable. 

The entire planning of her finances were premised on the assumption that she would live in her spouse’s home eventually anyway (why buy a house) and that she would eventually stop working to take care of her children (but she didn’t consider to ask the question of whether or not this was a good idea, given her personality, and she also didn’t consider the possibility of what if there are no children).

This is not called planning. This is called counting your chickens before they hatch.

Specifically, counting fat chickens before they have hatched.

This is not to say that BaZi consultants do not utilise assumptions when we provide advice. Of course we do. But we utilise KNOWN assumptions. KNOWN assumptions that we have derived from the chart based on a person’s capacity, ability, character and inclinations when it comes to certain issues. KNOWN assumptions must relate to that which we know is within the individual’s control and is within their capacity to influence or produce as an outcome.

In this instance, the only wealth-related assumptions that could be safely made was that this female client stood a good chance of substantially improving her financial position (with the right strategy) once she entered the 10 year Luck Pillar. What this assumption REQUIRES by way of action is that she continue to work (because to make money, you need money) and that she engaged in the correct investment decisions at the right time.

Everything else is bonus, but also moot upside.

No consultant would ever assume that the spouse of their client will bring money to the relationship (even if the Spouse Star is clearly financially well-off). We wouldn’t assume that for a MALE client – why would we assume that for a female client? We wouldn’t assume that marriage is a given just because a relationship is formed for male and female clients. So why assume that a Luck Pillar favourable for marriage would naturally result in marriage necessarily? A woman cannot force a man to marry her, just like a man cannot insist a woman marry him. It’s the 21st century.

That doesn’t mean the client is discouraged from pursuit their happiness goals. Everyone should have something to be optimistic about but when it comes to money, pragmatism must be the order of the day. The pursuit of wealth demands the use of the Wealth Star, which embodies pragmatism at it’s best. Part of what the Bazi consultant is being paid to do is to think for you for your future and if necessary, protect you from yourself. We count the chickens we know will hatch…so you will never have a bunch of empty eggs.