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10 Gods Video – Ready to Ship!

After much months of teasing with the various preview videos, I’ve finally finished the monumental task of editing over 40 hours of video instruction for my 10 Gods Redux class. Lightly curated (meaning, order may be re-arranged for ease of viewing), edited neatly into segments between 40-120 minutes in order to facilitate ease of learning and subtitled in English so that student questions and discussions can be easily followed, these videos can be viewed on a laptop or a USB enabled television, or transferred to an iPad. Slides and charts have been inserted appropriately but students will also have a printed booklet with the slides and charts for note-taking and additional reference.

I hope that these videos represent an opportunity for students interested in advancing their knowledge of BaZi to take things to the next level, even though they are unable to attend classes in person. To see the various preview videos, head over to the Baziqueen Youtube channel. For questions or inquiries on the videos, please direct them to bazibuzz@gmail.com

Meanwhile, here are two previews from the Elemental Dynamics class