2015 Forecast – Getting Your Goat (Part 2)


2015 brings about a very prominent 7 Killings Star for Ji Earth Day Masters. For females who are single, that indicates prospects of a relationship, especially for 己卯 Day Masters, although 己亥Day Masters should also expect a busy social calendar with the opposite sex. Of course, 2014 had also brought about prospects for relationship for Ji Earth Day Masters but, a girl can never have too much choice right? For male Ji Earth Day Masters, the presence of the strong 7 Killings Star denotes a year of speedy career trajectory and upward advancement in the workplace (which of course, comes with killer stress). 己卯 Day Masters stand the best chance of getting some kind of remuneration out of any promotion or rise up the ranks this year, but all other Ji Earth Day Masters should probably recognise that this is a year for a job step up that probably won’t involve commensurate pay for the responsibilities. It is however important to look at things from a more long-term standpoint since 2016 does bring about a good quality Direct Wealth Star – so think of yourself as auditioning for the part to prove you’re worth the money for the role.

Due to the presence of another Ji Earth in the year vis-a-vis the Goat Earthly Stem and coupled with the presence of the 7 Killings Star, Ji Earth’s may also find this is a year where they exhibit a greater degree of self-centered ruthlessness and a manipulative survivalism in the face of obstacles faced at work or in their personal life. Ji by nature tends to be giving and perhaps a little bit too self-sacrificial at times – 2015 will be the year when Ji Earths decide enough is enough and take drastic action to deal with whatever has been annoying or irritating them for the last year or so. The year will be toughest for the 己丑 DMs, who have a rather unpleasant clash in store that may give rise to legal problems (have you paid your taxes?) whilst 己酉 have to be careful of unexpected betrayal, especially if they have a Pig or Rabbit Earthly Branch in their chart. 己 巳 will find there is a decided conflict between the impetus to urgently get something off the ground and their perennial tendency to wait and see before moving in any direction.

Geng Metal


2015 will generally be a good year for most Geng Metals financially given the strong presence of Yi Wood in the year. Of course, for Geng, Yi Wood is never as good as Jia Wood when it comes to wealth (after all, one chop and it’s all gone) and there is the problem of the fact that Geng and Yi as a Combination usually results in Yi winning. So change that image to one chop and the axe is all entangled in the little Yi Wood. What that imagery suggests is that whilst Geng Metals will have financial opportunities this year, those opportunities may end up ensnaring the Geng Metal and giving rise to a situation where money brings hassle. As the Yi Wood is seated upon the Direct Resource Star, this suggests that whilst there are financial rewards to be had, it is important to make sure that this is not mere paper wealth OR that whatever paper (read: documentation) needed to attain the wealth is properly put in order. 庚子and to a lesser degree, 庚戌  must be careful of any investments that involve property, and be particularly careful of assuming that what you see, is what you will earn or end up with in your wallet. Do precise calculations and be conservative with expectations at all times, even if everything points to a rollicking financial year. Yi Wood ultimately is the Direct Wealth Star for Geng Metal, which indicates at financial upside but a CONSERVATIVE one. 丁 Fire enters the Graveyard in Goat 未 which is not necessarily a good thing for Geng Metal since Ding and Geng have a special relationship. There will be upheavals at the workplace, with Gengs expecting to see changes in their personal level of authority OR the loss of a superior/reporting line.

Whilst on the subject of ensnaring, male Geng Metals who are single are strongly likely to get married this year, especially if you are 庚午. Female 庚午 may also be able to capitalse on the year’s luck to push any matrimonial plans forward. By contrast, female Geng Metals, specifically 庚子 may find that the deal is increasingly difficult to close in the marriage department, especially after a rocky and tempestuous 2014. With 丁 entering the Graveyard of Goat 未 in 2015, outcomes for matters of the heart for female Gengs doesn’t look good.

Out of all the six Gengs, 庚午 stands to benefit the most from 2014, with a promotion on the cards that actually results in a pay rise as well, and possibly some nice perks. 庚寅,庚 辰 and 庚申 are neutral for 2014 (not bad, not exceptionally great either) whilst 庚 戌 and 庚 子 should expect challenges in 2015, and be particularly careful with managing financial matters, as these may affect their credit rating, financial standing or reputation at large.


2015 is a strong Indirect Wealth year for Xin Metals and whilst this bodes well financially for Xin Metals, it is good to recognise that the Goat 未 comes with two technically unfavourable stars, the Indirect Resource and 7 Killings Star. However, as the 7 Killings is in the graveyard, there is less to be concerned by way of the effect of Ding in 2015. If it was a 丁未 year, that would be a different story. But as 2015 is 乙未, Xins should expect to do well financially, with a small measure of stress in the year, but nothing that will kill them so to speak. For Xins that found themselves in hot soup or difficulties of a legal nature as a result of last year’s activities, there is a good chance that those issues will finally be resolved this year. For female Xin Metals engaged in pointless relationships that seem to be going nowhere near the altar, 2015 is a good year in which to cut ties (read: dump that guy who just isn’t that into you or vice versa), in preparation for 2016, when Bing Fire appears in the Stem. Consider the last two years to be frog kissing practice, in anticipation for Prince Charming to finally arrive in 2016.

Of course, the presence of the Indirect Resource Star, coupled with the Indirect Wealth Star suggests that Xins will have opportunities for ‘fast and furious’ deals this year when it comes to money, some of which may be of dubious origins or nature (if one views it negatively) or which may seem to ‘drop from the sky’ in a completely random fashion, as is the nature of the Indirect Resource Star (which can also be read as ‘random Nobleman’). 辛丑 in particular should be extremely cautious when it comes to quickie money opportunities – whilst the wealth is real, the source or origins of the money or what is involved in the process may have more than meets the eye. In particular, 辛丑 should be wary of speculative property transactions.

辛亥 will benefit most from 2015, due to the presence of the Three Harmony combination that helps strengthen the Wood element, ensuring a definitely loudly ringing cash register in 2015. 辛卯 comes in second in the money sweepstakes in 2015, thanks to the partial Three Harmony combination with the year. 辛巳 will benefit financially in 2015 but not as much as 辛亥 or 辛卯 but 2015 will be good for promotions or changing jobs, or finally getting that forever wished for ‘fuck off’ bonus that you can perhaps, take your time to transit to the next job! (or take the year off in light of the intense pressures of 2014).  For 辛酉, the year will be neutral, and likewise for 辛 未. Both will enjoy the financial upside of the year, but with no special bonus as it were.



2015 is a strong Hurting Officer year for Ren Water individuals, which usually bodes poorly for those in employment since workplace tension is likely to rachet up. It will be quite difficult to control your temper (or for that matter, your words) in 2015, especially when it comes to what you believe to be insipid actions on the part of your superiors. With the Direct Wealth Star entering graveyard in 2015, expect an above average level of resignations from Ren Water personnel in 2015 as they throw in the towel after finding it impossible to get their ideas across. Although 未 contains the Direct Officer Star for Ren Water, broadly speaking, Ren does not like Ji Earth and prefers Wu Earth/7 Killings.  This is exacerbated by the fact that 乙未 is effectively a Hurting Officer see Direct Officer Formation for Ren Water in 2015 – squabbles and arguments with superiors or intense workplace politicking (or fighting) should be expected in 2015.

Direct Wealth in the Graveyard in 2015 is suggestive of a loss of wealth situation for Ren Waters, which indicates the need for financial prudence or careful monitoring of investments as it were. It is best to avoid property investments in 2015, especially for 壬戌 and 壬子 as such investments end up being in the red from the get go. The exception to this is perhaps 壬午, who through the combination of 午 and 未 have the added advantage of strong Fire to tide them through the year. Nonetheless, it is best to steer clear of property investments in 2015, even if you are a 壬午.

Of course, the Hurting Officer Star has its advantages as well – for Ren Waters who have harboured ambitions of doing something more with their lives, such as starting a new business or perhaps, a bold career change, 2015 may be the year to do that. Alternatively, Ren Water Day Masters who have harboured intentions to write books or perhaps, take up pole dancing, should ensure that item on their bucket list is crossed off in 2015.

For male Ren Waters, 2015 will be challenging romantically, with the possibility that a relationship that harks back to 2013, hitting the skids or coming to an end. Moral: if you like it, then for goodness sakes, put a ring on it this year, especially male 壬午. (considering the relationship already survived 2014!).  For 壬戌 and 壬子, both male and female, expect the year to be challenging when it comes to the arena of relationships, particularly for female 壬戌 and 壬子, expect relations with the opposite sex to be decidedly difficult this year. It may be the best time ever in which to practice the adage, silence is golden (or, ‘date like a man’).

2015 is best for 壬午 and worst for 壬子 and 壬戌. 壬寅, 壬辰 and 壬申will have a neutral 2015。

Gui Water


2015 brings a strong Eating God star for Gui Waters, together with a 7 Killings Star and Indirect Wealth Star. The conventional negative effect of the 7 Killings Star on Gui however can be somewhat discounted in 2015 because of the presence of the natural counter to 7 Killings, the Eating God Star. As such, 2015 marks a year of controlled risk taking by Gui Waters, with hassles that are easily resolved, if one takes an analytical and most importantly, long-term approach to things. The presence of Yi Wood in 2015 denotes Gui Waters spreading their tentacles as it were, expanding to new ground or simply, slowly  but surely extending their presence in new places or planting the seeds of a new endeavour. Admittedly, there is the slightly negative circumstance of the Indirect Wealth Star entering the Graveyard but that can allude to the possibility that profits from investments in 2014 are impaired (negative outlook) or that property investments are in the profit zone, but are proving hard to liquidate or realise. It is accordingly best to focus on capturing such gains in 2015 as far as possible and avoiding being greedy with June 2015 the best month for Guis to actually pocket the money they made in 2014 from investments by cashing out.

For male Gui Waters, 2015 potentially denotes the conclusion of a relationship that may have been formed in 2014 so like your Ren Water colleagues, it is best to close the deal if you feel this is the right person, rather than letting the relationship die of neglect (since you will be rather busy planting your new empire in 2015). For female Gui Water, the presence of the 7 Killings Star together with the Eating God Star indicates prospects for a relationship this year but at the same time, a risk that the relationship ends up being strangled before it can take root by overly high and lofty expectations or simply a refusal to express clearly what you want from the relationship. Communication is key to ensuring any relationship that arises in 2015 for female Gui Waters can translate into something substantive (possibly before the year is out). The exception to this is 癸丑 who will find their relationship with their spouse/partner going through a decidedly murky period, with lots of challenges, especially disagreements relating to offspring.

The year is best for 癸亥, who will find renewed creative energy and a certain shrewdness when it comes to career or getting ahead in 2015, whilst 癸卯 will enjoy similar benefits in 2015 but on a lesser scale. 癸酉, 癸巳 are neutral in 2015, although 癸巳 will feel the negative effects of Indirect Wealth in the graveyard the least in 2015. The year is worst for 癸丑 with legal problems and obstacles at the workplace abound. Expect to experience authority issues and a lack of direction from superiors – 癸丑 should  attempt to avoid being reactive in the circumstances, and instead, take a long term outlook on all problems being faced.