This is the first in my ‘How to train’ series on the Day Masters. To make it really interest, I am NOT going in the order of the 10 Stems 甲 乙 丙 丁 戊 己 庚 辛 壬 癸.  It’s going to be RANDOM. But Jia Wood goes first because well…I’ve already written half the post before I decided to randomise life.

The first thing, before one gets on to the subject of training a Jia Wood, is to understand first: WHAT IS A JIA WOOD?

This seems like a rather stupid question, but often, you find people struggle to really put their finger on what each Day Master is supposed to be. They might be able to picture it in their mind, but not be able to find the words. Or they might be able to find the words, but not the picture.

Here are some ways to think about Jia Wood.

Jia Wood = Tree

Jia Wood = Na'vi Tree from Avatar

Many Trees = Forest.

Many Jia Wood = Forest

A Tree can be Dead

Dead Jia Wood

Or a Frozen tree

Frozen Jia

All trees need the same things – Water to grow, Earth to grow on, and Sunlight to grow towards.

Translate that into BaZi terms: Jia Wood people need to continuously learn and self-cultivate (Resource Star, which is Water), Earth to stick their roots into and grow on (money is what grounds them or commits them to something) and finally, achievement and ambition (output star, specifically Eating God) in which to continuously reach new heights.

So ideally, your Jia Wood must be able to call upon 癸 己 and 丙 in the chart to be able to fulfil its basic criteria and requirements to be a half decent tree.

How does this relate to how to train a Jia Wood?

Well, if you want to train something, that means you want it go GO SOMEWHERE. So first understand that all Jia Wood need Water, Earth and Sunlight as their MOTIVATIONS. These are the things that drive them. And unfortunately, whatever they do has to offer up ALL these elements at the same time.

Now,  trees are somewhat useless when they are over-grown. So they need to be pruned, trimmed back and set straight so that they can once again, start to grow.

Enter the Geng  庚 Metal, which is needed whenever the Jia Wood has started to get a bit lazy, and lacks focus. Just like the tree, which is growing in all directions, or worse, has a branch hanging over someone’s house and is just a disaster waiting to happen.

Now, the problem with the arrival of the Geng Metal is that most Jia Wood people are fearful of it. Naturally, being chopped hurts. And who wants pain?

Unfortunately, the mantra of the Jia Wood person has to be no pain, no gain.

If a Jia Wood is not suffering on the job or killing themselves to make progress or headway in something, guess what – that’s why they are not getting anywhere.  Stress = Progress and Advancement for the Jia Wood person (as 7 Killings amongst other things, represents stress and pressure, deadlines and the sort).

So to train you Jia Wood, first you need to get them somewhere. To do that, you need Earth, sprinklings of water, and lots of nice Sunlight for the Jia Wood. But after a certain point, the tree either needs to be pruned back (in order to re-grow – read: learn to do something else) or it simply needs to fulfil it’s purpose (read: become useful). At this point, chop chop chop by the Geng Metal is required.

Rinse and repeat.

31 Responses to “How to train a Jia 甲 Wood”

  1. If a Jia wood lacks of metal and fire, does it mean he/she should look for an industry related to metal eg.jewellery shop and working in a fire trade eg. doing sales selling the jewellery?

  2. eiffeltower says:

    Thank you very this very timely information.

    How can the difference between achievement and ambition of the EG versus the HO be explained/ applied in the context of the Jia wood ?

  3. eiffeltower says:

    Thank you for this very timely information.

    How can the difference between achievement and ambition of the EG versus the HO be explained/ applied in the context of the Jia wood ?

    • @ eiffeltower – EG is Bing. HO is Ding. Nature of Trees is they grow over time. So Jia Wood needs to find a purpose that is perfected over the course of time.

  4. @ baziqueen, let’s assume it’s completely zero.

    And what will be difference in the reply between zero and minimal, assuming the elements mentioned is deemed as “useful” or beneficial for the person?

    • @ SL – hate to be horrible but it really all depends on the chart. But as a general rule, the absence of any elements is already a minus point for the chart.

  5. Alas, the Training of the DM has come-out. I have waited for so long. Thank you! :D ))

    If you randomly plan to jump to Wu Earth, I will be most happy. ^_^


  6. If the Jia wood has no bing/ding fire, but has a Geng metal, I suppose that is useful? Coz got the saying “geng jin pi jia ying ding huo” which means the metal chops the wood and ignite fire sparks..

  7. Katherine Tan says:

    Thank you. Very glad to see this article. Been busy myself and on the look out for it for sometime. I only had the visual picture of Jia as in picture one and two never thought of it as in the 3rd and 4th picture. Never imagined it could look like this. Mmmmmm Very pitiful state to be visualised as the 3rd and 4th. Needs a lot of encouragement and hard work to be alive and kicking. Coincidentally, pictorially could it be related to the DM as in the seasonal state of prosperous, strong, weak, trapped and dead as well.

  8. eiffeltower says:

    Maybe for the case of the 3rd picture, it is no longer necessary for that Jia to need anymore sunlight, water nor earth – as it is already DEAD? Might be better to make it useful by either chopping it up for furniture (7K) or burn it up as firewood (HO) during the cold winter months? Sure the Jia would not be in existence anymore at the end, but at least it was useful while it lasted. :P

  9. Nice article about the Jia Day Master. I want to add to your types of Jia, “the floating tree.”
    Flooded with zi and hai branches

  10. have a bazi on hand which can relate very well to your above article. do email me if you want to use this bazi as an example. :)

  11. Ipohite39 says:

    Would you say that a Jia Wood born in Spring or summer if does not have 7K, having at least a DO is better than not having any officer star at all?
    Understandably, a DO is spring is blunt and trapped but a weaker Jia born in summer would be more ‘cuttable/slice-able’ by the DO.
    I am inclined to think that a male Jia which combines with Ji in his own chart will tend to “become” a follower of avid attender to his wife. Supposing the month branch allows successful combination to produce Earth, would this outcome manifest without fail?

    • @ WKNG – of course, got is better than none. Some metal better than no metal. But depends on your perspective. Got but hard to use can sometimes be just as much of a challenge. As to your second question, it’s simply too theoretical to call. Depends on the chart itself. I try to tell students to avoid theoretical situations – it is very hard to actually derive any principle or learning from theoretical scenarios. If you are trying to figure out in what instances a man will be a little more inclined to be ‘held by the balls’ by his wife, the situation you have indicated is not one of those.

  12. Can you comment more about floating dead wood with no geng but comes only with ding fire ?

  13. I have a question, a tree that is dead as in 3rd picture, can I picture that it is a Jia DM sitting on Wu horse or Si snake OR can that also be a Jia born in the fire season?

  14. How to know whether jia wood is your strong DM or weak DM?? I’m having problems to read my chart..plz help me!

    • Baziqueen says:

      Just look at season of birth. Born in Feb, March, April = Prosperous Strong, born in November, December, January would be considered Strong also but not Prosperous.

  15. Hello. I’m a Yi Yin Wood Rooster DM, I’m confused if Im a strong or weak dm. My BOB is December 10, 1974 / Male. Can you help me? I will soon be entering the Dragon Yang Earth 39 LP, is that going to be auspicious on me? what are auspicious elements for me? I hope you can lend me a hand on this. Thank you very much.

  16. Hi there…I like this so much…thank you. Are this works for relationship as well ? I know that snake works well with ox, but what if weak wood bazi snake with strong metal bazi ox ? Anyone can advise please…thanks a lot

  17. Hi, how about a weak Jia DM? When it meet Yi wood in the LP, does it mean, it will strengthen the Jia DM?

    • Does not matter if you are weak or strong, rules are the same on how to train Jia Wood. As to your second answer, no, Jia wood cannot be strengthened by Yi Wood.

  18. Hi, any comments on differences between strong and weak jia wood, as well as being a jia wood male or female? those infos can be useful. Thanks!

    • All Jia Wood have to be approached in the same FUNDAMENTAL manner as outlined above. Male/Female – the same rule applies: no pain, no gain.

  19. Hello!

    I’m a weak / follower jia wood day master Chart. Thanks for the article! It really helped me to understand more for my personal study of bazi.

    In my case. Let’s say the day (Chen) & month (Xu) earthly branch has a clash; this produces water (resource star of a weak jia wood day master). What sort of effect will this have on the day master (relationship, parents & career wise), considering the 4 bazi pillars have many Earth (Wealth) Elements? As far as I’m concerned, excessive wealth element weakens the Day Master. Note: The Jia wood day master is rooted to Chen Earth Branch with favourable Gui Water & Yi Wood hidden stems.

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