A reader sent me a great list of questions about Peach Blossom Stars to answer.  I thought that instead of writing the answer to just her, I’d print them here, and answer them.

Ok, when is it extremely auspicious when a peach blossom is in your chart?

The word ‘auspicious’ here is misleading really. It’s a very old-fashioned concept that I suppose means ‘good’ in general or ‘positive’. The modern outlook on BaZi is that all the stars are ‘usable’, meaning, each has a purpose and a basis for usage. For example, in the old days, the 7 Killings star 七 刹 was considered ‘inauspicious’ because it was considered bad to have petty people in your life. Now, it’s all part and parcel of daily life really. But back to the Peach Blossom.

A little Peach Blossom is regarded as a good thing. By a little, I mean ONE.  One Peach Blossom star means that you are (irregardless of your true physical appearance) an attractive person in the sense that people are drawn to you, enjoy your company, or find you pleasant and personable.

I suppose you could say being personable, nice, and someone people are drawn to and enjoy spending time and company with is an ‘auspicious’ thing. Obviously in the relationships game, having an attraction star is a favourable thing. Getting a date is a lot easier if someone is willing and keen to talk to you in the first place and finds you pleasant company right?

One of the additional positives of the Peach Blossom star which is not usually discussed is it’s advantage in the workplace. Being liked at your job is helpful – it means that people are more likely to extend you a favour or do something for you or close an eye to a misdemeanour, or work better with you because well, you’re nice to look at, attractive, or just someone they enjoy being around. Hence, people in front-facing jobs (sales, marketing, customer service) usually benefit from having a Peach Blossom star in the chart.

But to answer the question above, it is never EXTREMELY AUSPICIOUS. I don’t like to use that term and I think it is misleading. It is simple positive and favourable to have. But if you don’t have it, it’s not in my view a big deal.

Having it in the Marriage pillar, or day pillar, month? or year? hour?

Each position exerts a different effect obviously. (and I think the asker doesn’t't mean Marriage Pillar – she means Spouse Palace). The answer to this question very largely depends on what you want to use the Peach Blossom star for. In other words, what’s it being deployed to do? Peach Blossom Stars at the Hour Pillar are regarded as the ones having the quickest but most transient effect so that’s great if you need to do a lot of charming on the job or you’re into serial dating or serial relationships. When the star is located at the Year Pillar have a more lasting effect, but in my view is usually less of a problematic type of attraction (meaning, no stalker girlfriend/boyfriend types and people who you really don’t like coming after you)

A Peach Blossom star in the Spouse Palace would not in my view be considered a positive or favourable feature in the chart UNLESS that star is the true Spouse Star for the Day Master. But then again, we want to only see the true Spouse Star in the Spouse Palace so arguably, it’s not just the Peach Blossom Star that is discriminated against in the Spouse Palace.

Also, does it only count as a peach blossom star if you take a look at only the Day branch animal sign/ Year pillar?

This question is ambiguous but I take it to mean that a Peach Blossom star is only significant if it is one’s PERSONAL Peach Blossom star, as opposed to just being one of the Peach Blossom Stars, namely, Rat 子 Rabbit 卯  Horse 午  and Rooster 酉.

Obviously the Personal Peach Blossom star is superior in terms of your ability to utilise it compared to having a Peach Blossom star in your chart that is not your personal Peach Blossom Star. (Incidentally, you can have more than one since it is based on your Year and Day Branch). However, a Peach Blossom star, seeing as it is quite useful, is better than none. But obviously, a Personal Peach Blossom star is better than a non-personal one.

What if you just have a zodiac animal in your chart that is one of the four peach blossom star, but not necessarily a peach blossom to the day animal/year animal? does it still have peach blossom effect?

Answered above but to make it clear: it’s still a Peach Blossom Star. So it still has the attraction + charm effect. What’s more important is how it interacts with all the other Branches in your chart AND more significantly, which of the Ten Gods that particular Peach Blossom star relates to which will have some impact on its ultimate effect.

Also, would each peach blossom display differently? Or is peach blossom JUST peach blossom luck? Say,if one has a peach blossom star as a rabbit and the other one has the rat… How is it portrayed differently? or is it just the same peach blossom luck is all?

You have to co-relate the Peach Blossom star to the 10 Gods, and then relate the particular Ten God that the Peach Blossom Star co-relates to back to the Day Master. For example, a Geng Metal Day Master with a Rooster Peach Blossom Star has the Rob Wealth Star as their Peach Blossom. So, their Peach Blossom Star will manifest in the manner of the Rob Wealth star (ie: gift of the gab, ability to charm through conversation or speaking or in social situations, a person who converts friends in to relationships and back again easily).

The general approach to Peach Blossom is that its an attraction star. But when you put in the 10 Gods, you get a more specific interpretation and understanding of HOW that star works for that person best and in what situations and environments.

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  1. See what happens when you have 3 peach blossoms in punishment and destruction -


  2. A very informative piece of information. Thank you.

  3. Whoa, I missed that one. When does a peachblossom star bring those “stalker boyfriend/girlfriend” types? What palace?

    • Will most likely be Hour palace. Especially if it is either a 7K or RW star.

      • Hello. First of all, thank you for the great insightful info.

        Secondly, I would like to say that I have a Peach Blossom in my hour palace, and I think it is a 7 Killing star, though can’t be sure, because I am only vaguely informed on Bazi, and I don’t have any stalkers..that I know of..lol. And I don’t think I am attractive at all. Could this somehow be linked to the Peach Blossom? I am 22 and have never had a relationship..which doesn’t really bother me, but it does make me wondfer why I seem to put men off.
        I am a Xin Metal Goat by Day, and have Fire Rooster on my Hour Pillar. Also have Fire Rabbit on my Month Pillar, and Earth Snake on my Year Pillar.

  4. Do you still read a non-personal peach blossom star as having the same effects of having it as a personal one? especially if you’re relating it to the 10 gods?

    • Do you still read a non-personal peach blossom star as having the same effects of having it as a personal one?
      = Effects are different obviously. That’s why we distinguish between personal and non-personal.

      especially if you’re relating it to the 10 gods?
      = this Q makes no sense.

  5. What’s a true spouse star? 7 k? or DO?

    Also, if you have a PB in the spouse pillar w/ a 7 k star (if this is a true spouse star), what does it mean? I read somewhere it means attraction from the husband..

    • DO is true spouse star.

      What does it mean is a very wide ranging question – see what I mean about not asking proper questions? It can mean many things depending on the question being asked. Saying that a PB that is also the 7K in the Spouse Pillar = attraction from the husband is too simplified an interpretation. After all, what if the 7K star is negative?

  6. i have a question about how my peach blossom affects me…i am a wu earth day master and have the rooster in my month pillar. I am a weak day master..how would this peach bloosom affect my chart since metal is not a favorable element?

  7. Which is stronger? Peach blossom in the Natal chart or Luck Pillar, oh and a personal peach blossom too..Thanks!

  8. someone has mentioned in a forum that the PB star, if it’s an unfavorable element, makes one less attractive, less approachable.. is this correct? if it’s favorable element, than PB star works to your advantage.

  9. ranji0714 says:

    Hello Bazi queen,
    Please coluld you tell how strong is the peach blossom in my chart ?
    How will it behave ?
    And whtat are its positives or negatives?

    D.O.B. : 14.july.1987
    Time : 16:10
    Place : New Delhi
    Gender: Male

  10. How do we know if 7K is a negative star when it’s a also a PB star?

    What scenarios does it bring if it’s negative god?
    Especially if it’s hidden too?

  11. jennifer h says:

    what about the ding rabbit 10 yr luck pillar with a xin rooster hour clash-for a ji earth dm? Is it considered a spouse and resource clash since the gui is in the rooster or is the jia rat month considered the spouse since it has gui in it ? thanks

  12. jennifer h says:

    sorry was trying to make it brief.. but Ill go into more detail
    hour- Gui you
    dm-ji wei
    month- jia zi
    year-wu wu
    the person is in a 10 year luck pillar of ding mao. THere is a clash with the mao-you.. and destruction with the zi-mao. Since the wife star represents water.. is it the hour pillar or the month pillar. IS one the father and one the wife? both? thank you

  13. Jennifer h, it’s rooted Money!

  14. And if the person has more than one peach blossom star? It is inauspicious? The person become overly soft?

    • Baziqueen says:

      I wouldn’t use the term unauspicious – that’s not a correct concept. It’s just not a particularly favourable feature to have in the chart – two peach blossom stars but it depends also on the composition. I don’t understand what you mean by ‘soft’. The outcome will depend on the Day Master and the Stars that are represented by the Peach Blossom Stars.

    • hello! very informative post on peach blossom. i have a personal peach blossom on the hourly chart under RW (with F, EG gods). it is in harm with the Ox in my spouse palace (with IW, EG and 7K gods). Does that must mean a third party intrusion into marriage or could it mean something else related to my children/career but involving a peach blossom somehow? Many thanks for any input.


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