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Get Yourself Some Guinea Pigs

So over the course of teaching BaZi Module Two last weekend, I had a couple of brand new ideas.  I was trying to give the students some pointers/tips on how best to go about making use of their newfound mind-boggling knowledge and it struck me.

Get Guinea Pigs.


Not the real things. The human kind. No, I’m not asking people to capture a person and put them under 24-7-365 monitoring although that is…kinda what they do to guinea pigs…

When I say you need guinea pigs, I mean you  need people whom you can observe on a more or less day to day basis (or week to week basis) and have insight into their life, and to whom you can offer BaZi guidance to and then see what happens when they follow (or in most cases, disregard) the advice.

One of the best ways to learn BaZi is to have a few guinea pigs – different Day Masters right? Whenever a significant event happens to them in their life, your objective is to attempt to understand why that event happened to them, sometimes by reverse engineering the chart. You can then attempt to formulate some advice in order to assist them find the cheese, navigate the maze…run the wheel.

Please note that I do not generally advise beginners to attempt this kind of experiment. Advice-giving is best reserved for those who have somewhat advanced in their practice – remember, you want to observe, not send your guinea pigs on a suicide mission through life’s maze. Plus, they’re hard to get so try to keep them alive or at least, not scarred for life by your BaZi knowledge. So start out just by putting them in a nice glass box, give them a little wheel, don’t forget to feed them (in case people are wondering about whether or not giving free advice sends you down the wrong karma creek) and just sit back and do what the ancient sages did when they were trying to figure out this whole Destiny thing.





So, get yourself some guinea pigs. Just make sure they have signed consent forms first.