Baziqueen’s 10 Gods Video Class

IMPORTANT: Videos are not a substitute for a real BaZi class, where you get hands on interaction and very strong practical experience interpreting BaZi charts. I place a strong personal emphasis on practicum  as I believe that training students to read actual BaZi charts under pressure whilst in a classroom environment is the only way to really master the information (as you’ll see in the videos). However, I do appreciate that some students would like the benefit of some form of study in order to continue to advance their own learning at their own pace and are at times simply not able to find the time to attend a full class session or travel to a class location.

The 10 Gods Redux is the Baziqueen’s marathon six day BLOCKBUSTER video class that tackles the centerpiece of BaZi analysis  – the 10 Gods. However, instead of interpreting this through the lens of the conventional ‘list based’ approach, the Baziqueen’s 10 Gods class adopts a conceptual approach to the 10 Gods.

20 years ago, Twitter and Facebook did not exist but as they now exist in today’s world. As such, a BaZi student or consultant  must be able to translate these concepts and any others that arise in the future into the appropriate BaZi context in order to truly deploy BaZi for strategic personal advancement. Effective use of the 10 Gods also requires BaZi students appreciate the subtleties and nuances of each variant of 10 Gods.  How does a Yi 乙 Wood Eating God differ from a Xin 辛 Metal Eating God? How does the Ren 壬 Water Wealth Star differ from the Wu 戊 Earth Wealth Star? How does a Geng 庚Metal Direct Officer behave differently from a Ji 己 Earth Direct Officer? And how does one relate this all back to the relevant Day Masters?

Each of the 10 Stems epitomizes a particular 10 God more than others, and each of the 10 Stems confers its own elemental attributes onto the qualities of the 10 God – these nuances are what make the difference between a consultation and reading that hits home with the client, and advice that is both highly accurate and effective.

With an enhanced understanding of the 10 Gods conceptually and elementally, the BaZi student can effectively translate ANY characteristics, attributes, relationships, people and objects encountered in the present and future into a 10 God. This in turn allow for effectively determination and development of customised solutions and strategies for real-world situations, present and future. Armed with this, BaZi students will be able to go  from BaZi speak (technical BaZi) to Human Speak (real world actions, situations and scenarios) with greater confidence.

The 10 Gods Video Class is a high level  video class designed for students who already have a basic understanding of the 10 Gods and wish to enhance their understanding and knowledge of the bedrock aspect of BaZi interpretation, with a view to enhancing their forecasting and analysis abilities.

Testimonials (what people have been saying about the videos!)

Marlyna Los, Canada
I invested in Bernice’s 10 God Redux program a few months ago and as time permits been working my way through the videos.  I wrote her to say I love her course and am taking my skill level to new depths. I highly recommend you invest in this series especially if you are a Feng Shui / BaZi consultant who wants to take their business to the next level.
If you want to learn more about 10 Gods – Bernice Low the BaZi Queen is the best source I know to take your knowledge deeper. I don’t say that lightly as I have myself 20 years experience with BaZi.      What you will learn is very clearly how to see the 10 gods and their different aspects regarding peoples lives (particularly in the business world -but romance too) as they exist in the different elements. For instance Direct Office as Yang Metal is very different from Yin Wood or Yin Water.   How important is it to know if who is working with you is honest? Or  re making money and  wealth –  Direct Wealth hates to waste time – but which element it is you of course influences that Yang Earth is different than  Yang Wood, etc.
Filled with great examples – Bernice’s knowledge and skill is geared towards real life application in our consult businesses or personal use for improving our lives.
I am so glad you filmed your course for those of us overseas to use.  Thank you.
D. Lim, Singapore 
” I had been consistently reviewing your videos, something repeating them for certain more difficult topics. I have to say that the concepts which you have included in the video were all captivatingly new to me, the ingenuity of which I cannot even begin to imagine prior the videos.The overall production was very engaging and educational so far and I don’t believe my opinion would change at the end after I have completing the whole program”
“I will give you a blockbuster rating! I have only finished Day 1 and I am already able to look at charts in a whole new way. This class is packed with information and well worth the money. And just so everyone knows it’s not only the videos, you also get booklets for the visuals (charts and such). This is my new “binge-watch”. I think your teaching style is so perfect for the subject of bazi. It is not a linear topic, nor does it adapt to a linear way of thinking”
S. Woen, Indonesia
“I took the 10 God class video and learned it easily. Bernice teach with simple and practical language, easy to follow and very useful. Every star is clearly discussed. Learning bazi is so much fun. Thanks to Bernice for this video class.”

Product Information

Price: USD900 (includes shipping costs)

Runtime: Approximately 30 hours of video footage with charts/slides inserted as well as subtitles to follow the discussions.

Subtitles: English (where appropriate)

You’ll receive:

  • A USB pen drive with all the videos on MP4 format. MP4 is a video compression format that creates a file which is small without compromising quality. It  can be played on any computer, uploaded to an iPad or if you have a USB enabled television, can be plugged into the television.
  • a set of printed booklets comprising of all the slides presented in the class and the relevant BaZi charts in full.

Session List

Day 1 Topic
1  Opening Q&A
2  Understanding Direct and Indirect Wealth
3  Case Study: The Wealth Stars
4  Breakout Discussion
5  Understanding Hurting Officer and Eating God
6  Understanding Direct Officer and 7 Killings
Day 2 Topic
1  Opening Q&A
2  Understanding Friend and Rob Wealth
3  Q&A Session
4  Understanding Direct Resource and Indirect Resource
5  Case Study: Freddy Mercury
Day 3 Topic
1 Opening Q&A
2  Case Study: Chairmen of the Federal Reserve
3  Case Study: The Managers of Manchester United
4  Case Study: Succession Planning at Manchester United
5  Case Study: Sex Appeal
6  Case Study: CEOs.
7  Breakout Discussion
Day 4 Topic
1 Concept to 10 Gods: Session 1
2 Concept to 10 Gods: Session 2
3 Concept to 10 Gods: Session 3
4 Concept to 10 Gods: Session 4
5 Concept to 10 Gods: Session 5
6 100 Gods: The 10 Gods and the 10 Stems Part 1
7  100 Gods: The 10 Gods and the 10 Stems Part 2
Day 5 Topic
1 Extrapolate 10 Gods to 10 Stems
2  Breakout Session
3  Big Picture Concepts
4  Wealth as an Element
5  Output as an Element
6  Officer as an Element
Day 6 Topic
1  Opening Q&A
2  Officer as an Element (Continuation)
3  Resource as an Element
4  Companion as an Element
5  How to think about the 10 Gods

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